The last of 2012.

Unknowingly, year 2012 has just slipped away from us. For some, this year has been a horrific year and can’t wait for the arrival of 2013. For others, this year has been an amazing year and they look forward to the next being just as amazing, if not even more. For the minimal few exceptions, this year has been nice to them and they don’t want the year to end just yet – just for the sake of not wanting another huge change. I definitely fall into the latter category. I’m never the kind of person who loves changes, but of course, as part human nature, I adapt to changes all the same. Well, that’s a whole other topic altogether.

Looking back on 2012, I guess I could say, this year has been pretty nice. Though I have to say, it really depends on how you’d like to define the meaning of nice and how you would like to view how your year was. If you’re the kind of person who try to only think back on the happy things that has happened, of course you’d see this year as a good year. It’s all just how you perceive it and how you remember your year. I admit, this year has its fair share of ups and downs – duh, every year has its ups and downs but I guess it all just depends on how many ups and downs your brain memory chooses to remember.

For me, thinking at the year… I remember how my class laughs at even the simplest jokes. I remember all the things Wenhui, Denise, Joanne and I laugh about. I remember myself laughing with my parents at the most ridiculously imagined thoughts. I remember a lot of things… but right now, they’ve all slipped off my mind because school has finally uploaded the semester timetable for the day after when school reopens. I’m trying so hard not to change the content to my post to the spazzing of joy of my Chemistry teacher.

In any case, I just want to thank everyone, just for being there. I don’t know, it just wouldn’t be the same without you guys, I guess. 

This will be the last post for the year, and it might be the post that would appear at the top of this abode for a very long time because I really won’t know when would be the next time I will blog again.

Until then. 🙂

I’m still spazzing at my Chemistry teacher. 😀

No matter what happens, it shouldn’t waver your determination to achieve your goals. I’m all fired up to get 2013 over and done with. 🙂


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