Weeks, School, Shoe Thief?

I know, I know I haven’t blogged for a very long time… In fact, I haven’t blogged since the year has started! That’s… about five weeks? To be very honest, I have very mixed emotion as to how 2013 has turned out. There aren’t much changes in school, but then again, there are quite a number of changes. Damnit, I’m contradicting myself.

Due to January 1 being on a Tuesday, we had the first day back at school on a Wednesday, which then Singapore’s education ministry called that week ‘week 0’. So, technically 5 weeks has passed, but we’re still on week 4 in terms of school year. Which then comes to my point of this week being the fourth week… which means next week’s mid-term! :O

That being said though, it doesn’t feel like it’s mid-term… I mean, I’ve only got about three tests next week… As compared to one of last year’s mid-term… This isn’t that bad… But then again, I did have a double humanities test just last Wednesday… So, I guess it’s not all impossible after all.

In any case, the Lunar New Year’s coming! But I’m definitely not feeling as excited as I should be. I’m having my O’s this year-end, and I’m being pulled out of the country because of one stupid slip of words by an idiot. I don’t know, it’s not entirely bad… Since I finally get to go to a place that I haven’t been to before… But still… I have very extreme mixed emotions about it. I just don’t have a good feeling about this. Why couldn’t we just go to our neighbouring country and collect some red packets?! That’s more than enough! Why can’t that just happen!? Why must it be going somewhere so far away?

The thing is this, it’s supposed to be a filial action, yes, but going overseas during mid-term, just doesn’t feel right on any levels! This resisting thought got even worse when my classmate told us that it’ll not be a half day in school and there’s still a couple of lessons in the morning. At that very moment, I felt like something in my head said, “I fucking told you so!” because there is always something at the back of my mind screaming “this is not a good idea!!!”

Frankly though, even if I’m ranting about this right now, I doubt there’s of any use anymore. The ticket have already been bought. So… I guess I shall just try to relax and enjoy… Tough.


Back to the current…. When my tuition teacher was leaving after our tuition session on Monday, his shoes went missing. Well, it was placed at the door of my apartment, but when he opened the door and was about to leave, the shoes disappeared. He then found his shoes at the stairwell in an extremely weird position. That’s when it hit me like a meteor. There was a shoe thief at my apartment estate! Lol, no, that wasn’t what hit me like a meteor, though that’s something that I realised.

What really hit me was that… there was a thief around all this time and we didn’t even realised it! It had actually even got me paranoid. Well, in any case, we’ve all learnt our lesson of never kicking our shoes out before you step into your apartment/house.

This has been a very random post.


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