I suppose you can say, I only ended up here because I’m just trying to kill some boredom. My head’s pounding and yet I can’t go and have my sleep until after I’ve confirmed somethings with another person. So to cut the long story short, due to unforeseen circumstances, I can only get my sleep at 10pm. It’s early, I know, but don’t forget, I’m having a pounding head plus it’s friday (TGIF!) so… yeah..

In any case, the point of this post is actually almost zero. I have absolutely no idea why I’m even typing this post, because recently there’s been a lot of things that’s in my mind that should stay only in my mind. So, yes, this is just a pointless little post for me to kill time.

But then again, I guess I should just stop boring you with my mindless post. Goodbye, and good night.

I’ll be back soon, I hope.


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