Thank You for this amazing chapter.

Before starting on this post, I’d like you to know that I’m pretty sure this post would be really random and all over the place. Thanks for reading this anyways. 

It has been a crazy busy week, even though next week would be even busier. But it is true that a lot of things has happened this week. I had Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) on Monday, I performed for Annual Awards (AA) two days ago, Friday. However though, the most important thing isn’t that it’s my very last performance in secondary school. The most important thing that happened this week was that, I finally felt like I’m a graduating student.

I shall not say much about Monday, because there isn’t much details to be said about SYF. This post will mainly revolve around last Friday.

On Friday, I felt a weight lift from my shoulders, I finally hear a small little voice in my head saying “it’s over, you’ve stepped down.” Last Friday was my last performance in Choir. Well, at lease in primary school. I do not need to return for practice, I have my hands washed away from this CCA. However, there is still something nagging at me. As much as I always complain about how CCA has always been a waste of time, how I always groan at the fact that I’m very tired but there’s still practice to attend, I still have feelings for this CCA.

These four years, through Choir, I’ve made friends, I’ve laughed, I’ve yelled, I’ve felt sad. In these four years, many many things has happened. I remember the times where choir members of my cohort would sit in a circle and just share about what happens in school, in our own respective classes. I remember the times we had while we were on overseas exchange while we were at Port Dickson, Malaysia. I remember the times we worked hard towards a gold for SYF. I remember the times we all rage about that woman, who doesn’t give a single shit about this CCA, even though she’s been the teacher in-charge for years. I remember.

I’m sitting here, blogging about this because… I want to thank every single member of Choir. I want to let all of you know that, it’s been a fun time and I enjoyed it very much.

Thank you all for letting me enjoy the amazing friendships, the lovely laughters, the unnecessary sadness, the painful anger… Thank you all for letting me not regret the choice of joining choir.

I will not forget my days in choir, I will not forget how we worked hard to be where we are right now. I will not forget our collective effort to get the Distinction that we deserve.

Thank you for this amazing time.


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