Belated birthday, amazing surprises.

It was just about a week ago that I blogged, I know that. But there’s just something that I really need to blog about right now, today, before I forget what I want to blog about. Heh, yes, we all know I have some extremely “screwed up memory.”

Well, if anybody actually realised, yesterday was my 16th birthday. 🙂 I have to admit though, it didn’t feel much like a birthday… It actually felt more like my birthday yesterday than today.

I spent my birthday like it was just an ordinary day. Guilty to say so, but all I did yesterday after I went home was just doing the usual stuff like bathing, eating… But I also allowed myself to slack a little inappropriately (since it’s extremely near midyears) and watch some of The Mentalist. I really haven’t been watching it for a long, long while. Well, either way, I basically spent my birthday alone, mostly alone anyways.

And then today, when I got back to school, many people wished me ‘happy birthday’, and to tell you the truth, it feels weird, because technically, my birthday’s already over. But well, I guess it’s the thought that counts.

I didn’t even let myself think much about it… My mind has been too troubled by physics concepts that I’ve learnt about anyway. It wasn’t until after my last class of the day that I realised that something was off. My class was let off a little earlier, and I had to wait for Amanda and Sheryl because we agreed on having a meal together (due to me having tuition yesterday, which was eventually cancelled..). They had their lessons end a little later. So, I was waiting for them in my classroom, until Sheryl came back into the class with her pencil cases and her file. She then placed it on her table and said that she was going to the washroom. She didn’t come back until more than half an hour later.. But from then, things that were off happened. (This might be a little boring and long winded, but I guess I just wanna prove my point about something. Heh.)

Due to my ultimate boredom while waiting for the girls, I was keeping myself busy with my Additional Mathematics homework. I was happily doing, until Huixuan randomly strolled into my classroom and said cheerily, “hi Szeying!” At that time, because I was busy with a particular question, I just said hi and continued doing my work. It didn’t really take her long before she left the classroom and I was left alone again. Moments later, David strolled into class, picked up the broom and the dustpan and started sweeping the classroom without saying a single thing. I thought, “weird… why is lazy David sweeping the floor?” but I just ignored and continued doing my homework. It also didn’t take long until John came back into class and walked towards Sheryl’s table, greeting “hi Szeying… hi David…” and then towards his own table, which was next to mine. John then packed his stuff and brought his bag, before walking towards Sheryl’s table and picking up her pencil case along the way. I saw it, but I didn’t say anything.

After that, in I think less than ten minutes, John came back again and pretended that he had forgotten to take something. By then I was getting a little bored and annoyed, and I asked John if he knew where Sheryl was. He said he didn’t know, and then he walked out of the classroom, after picking up Sheryl’s other pencil case. By then, because I was stuck on a particular question, I watched him as he walked to Sheryl’s table, picked up the pencil case and walk out of the classroom. Again, I didn’t say anything, and I just had a dumb smile on my face. I pretended as if I knew nothing and continued doing my homework.

Junming, Wenkai, David, Sebastian and Jingsen came in after, and I thought, they were probably just coming back to claim their things or something. And then Sheryl came back in. I didn’t say much, all I did was just ask her to wait for me until I finished that question, which I eventually didn’t finish because I couldn’t get that answer. Either way, afterwhich, Sheryl said we had to go to the councillor’s room to find Amanda. Sure, okay, I thought and then there we went.

For some reason, somebody, I can’t remember who, asked me to open the councillor room’s door and look for them. And I’m like, “what the hell? okay,” and opened the door. It was dumb, because they locked the door. And I’m like, why in the world is the door locked? And so after that, when the opened the door, I was greeted by a group of people, a candle and a box of cupcakes. Talk about pleasant and amazing surprise! I blew the candle and then I heard Amanda telling me to read the instructions and followed it. It was really weird, cause there were rollable chairs across the room and I’m like, “why in the world are the chairs blocking the road?” Hahaha.

Basically, to cut the long story short, I followed their weird instructions & picked up notes from each othe chairs. It was nice of them, really. 🙂

Anyways, to cut this whole story short, because it’s been a really, really long day… I had a belated birthday surprise.

What was hilarious was that, they’ve actually made it extremely obvious. Yesterday, Sheryl suddenly WhatsApp-ed me, asking for a picture of Keita, for no particular reason. And then there was the weird things that John did, and the suddenly weird hardworking David who was sweeping the floor. Lol. And then of course, there was the random talks about money during recess, something about paying John and stuff. Oh well.

What I have to say is very simple though:

I’m absolutely touched, by what my friends have done for me. Yes, even though I know that they’ve only managed to come up with all these only yesterday, but I suppose ultimately, it’s the thought that counts. I’ll be honest with you, until today, I’ve never had such a birthday surprise before. I’m still feeling extremely touched. 🙂

Either way, the point of this entire post is to thank my lovely friends and parents for this amazing birthday. 🙂 Actually, right at this very moment, I’m already using my birthday present. Heh. 🙂

Thank you for the lovely birthday. ;D

Ps. I just remembered that Huixuan came in after John came in, and left the classroom because John left the classroom. (Oh, the reason for that? I don’t even want to disclose. -_-)

Edit: I just realised that this is my 200th post. 🙂 Hahahaha, the coincidence here. 🙂


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