Coming to a painful halt.

This was written over a couple of hours, and it’s just a sneak peek at my life right now because I figured that I haven’t been blogging here for a really long time. Basically it’s just some really random thoughts that I have while typing. There may be some really subjective opinions in there (I hope none because I don’t remember typing any), but please do not get offended because I’m only just a teenager. Enjoy.

So… It’s the last week of the holidays, and I’ve been taking my own sweet time on revision and stuff like that. Truth is, I should never be taking my own sweet time to revise. I mean, really, O’s are just about three months away and I pretty much haven’t started revising for anything. Right now, I’m just really worried on how I’m going to pass all my subjects.. And it’s also sad to say that, I’m doubting on whether or not I can make such good use of this three months.

I’ve also started contemplating on whether or not I should lock up my distractions in a single place so that they don’t distract me anymore. I mean, I should just turn off my phone and keep it somewhere locked up in mom’s room. I should keep the laptop as far away from me as possible just so that I don’t take it out of randomness and start youtubing or blogging away.

But right now, these are just thoughts. None of it has become real actions yet. That being said though, I’m pretty sure I will do it once this Sunday is over.

This week has been flying past way too fucking fast, really. I don’t even understand how the fuck time can just fly past so fast that you don’t even know where the hell you’ve spent that time on. I’m not against time or something, but sometimes it just makes me want to crack open my brain to find out where exactly did time flew to. This leads me to the next thing on the list.

With only three days left from the holidays, technically I only count is as a day because weekends aren’t exactly holidays, how about a time that you reflect upon yourself as to what you’ve done throughout the month? Have you maybe complained about the bad haze that happened last week? Have you maybe completed your homework in the first three weeks of the ‘holidays’ and are currently having fun? Have you maybe had too much fun in the last three weeks and are currently rushing through your entire month’s worth of assignments so that you can hand them up on Monday? Have you maybe went out with friends way too much to even remember that the month’s going to be over?

Well, either way, whether it was to take a breather from a super busy semester or finally catch up with your work for your finals, I sure hope that you’ve spent your holidays wisely and hadn’t wasted any time. Because all relaxation will come to a painful halt, and we will not be able to relax for the months to come. I am speaking specifically for people who are going to be taking some very major examinations at the ‘end’ of the year. 

Anyway, this post was just to update on things… And I guess with that accomplished, I shall leave it as that.

All the best for everyone taking their finals!

This may be my last post in a while. So, take care guys.


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