Spending time alone, three papers left & JOB!!

IT’S BEEN LONG!! Yes, I’m back! Yay! It does feel good to be back! I’m pretty sure I’ll be blogging a lot more after next week is over. 🙂 Since it’s been so long since I’ve blogged, this post will basically fill you in on what has been going on with my life for the past few months that I’ve been MIA on WordPress. I hope this whole post makes sense and isn’t all over the place.. I’d like to apologise for being really informal in this post, but whatever, I’m too tired. If anything offends anyone, I’m sorry and please feel free to close this tab/window.

I haven’t been blogging for months. Well, that’s because I haven’t been using my laptop for like a month or two, I think. I know it’s not a long time because I’m not supposed to be using the laptop. [Technically, I shouldn’t even have the chance to use it because I had given it to my mom for safe-keeping in July. But guess who’s crafty enough to find it?]

A lot has happened since I stopped using the laptop. I started studying. YEP. I did. I mean, it wasn’t exactly like I wasn’t studying before, but just not as much, I guess. And as much as it was a late start on my revision, I guess it still wasn’t that bad? Uh, okay, I wouldn’t know about that until next year. But either way, yes, I finally started studying after I stopped using my laptop because my prelims was arriving by then. I hated how my prelims went down though, because it lasted for three weeks and it’s spanned over such a long time that by the time the last week came about, it didn’t feel like we were having our prelims at all. Well, much like how the O’s are going down right now. [Which really sucks, honestly. I mean, can’t you tell? I’m blogging this when I’m supposed to be studying for my last three papers next week.]

See what I mean?

Anyway, I don’t really remember what had happened before my prelims started. Actually, I don’t even remember much about what had happened after my prelims ended. Oh yes, we had block timetable. Which I swear to god, it was hell! We had one and half hours of every lesson and I swear, sometimes it’s just a fucking drag! But it did get better after our teacher told us to shift back to our original seating arrangement because I finally had like a group of people that I could talk to.

Let me just clarify this: I’ve got absolutely nothing against being alone and all. Like, just minding my own business. But it’s extremely different when you’re not socializing with anyone in a class full of people! Somehow I just get really self-conscious about that.

And so that is exactly the reason why block timetable wasn’t pleasant. Well, I guess sometimes it isn’t that bad because when we’re having lessons, we’re not supposed to be talking to anyone anyway. But ah, you get my point, I hope. So things did get better after the seating arrangement got shifted back.

Oh yes, before I forgot, we also had our graduation at the end of the first week of block timetable. It was…. pathetic, honestly. The graduation ceremony, I mean. It was extremely obvious that it was a rushed plan. Going through the graduation ceremony actually made me happy that I’m leaving this school because I finally don’t have to put up with these bullshit anymore. -_- Seriously man, what kind of a graduation ceremony involves graduating students being the ushers and performers huh? I can’t even with my school.

After two weeks of block timetable comes our study break. I don’t know what to say about that week. Because I went back to school like twice and stayed in school for hours with some other classmates studying. Not particularly productive, but whatever. And then I spent that Thursday and Friday studying biology. Hohoho.

The following week was the start of my O’s. Yep. There’s nothing much to talk about the first week though, because it was just stress, stress, stress. Most of our papers started in the afternoon. Except for like three days where we had two papers and the first paper was at 8am. It was really intensive though. I was really knocked out even though I only had one paper on that day. Well, some people said that they couldn’t sleep, others slept at midnight or something studying for a paper. But me? Because I was already so freaking tired from the paper in the afternoon, I stopped studying every night at about 2330 hours. Maybe the only exception was the night that I had Social Studies on the next day, I think I stopped studying only at midnight that night. But still, it was much earlier than everyone else, I believe.

After the first intensive week, I slept so much on that weekend that I wasn’t even sure that I had studied at all. LOL, yes, I was that tired.

It’s been more than three weeks since my first paper started and I have only three more papers left, so I can literally smell freedom like two kilometers away. Heh. I swear to god, it feels awesome.

However, another problem arises. I have yet to find a part time job for December! Shit myself. Well, and I haven’t spoken to my dad about this. Damn it. Well, I’m planning on throwing this bomb down on him this weekend. Let’s hope that he can be level headed about this.

Plus, I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what I want to work as. I guess as students, we’re just way too picky. 😛 But y’know what? As much as it’s pay isn’t very high, I think I’ll go and try to be a barista at Gloria Jean’s.

Well, so I hope this post lets you in on how my life has been while I was on MIA on wp these few months. 🙂 I’d be blogging about my new findings in a bit. Stay tuned.



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