TOTW: Graduation.

TOTW is basically a segment where I write about my thoughts on certain things/topics to see if anyone out there think the same way as I do. Please also understand that these are just thoughts of a teenager who’s trying to share a piece of her mind to the Internet. Thank you for understanding & reading. 🙂 

Over this week, I just realized that I didn’t get to write my graduation post because my graduation happened too soon and too abrupt. So, here’s this week’s TOTW: thank you guys for these few amazing years. 🙂

About a month ago, I had my graduation ceremony, which marked the end of my secondary school life, even though I’ve yet to take my O’s then. However, due to the abruptness of graduation, I didn’t manage to squeeze in time to do a graduation post to thank everyone for these past four years. So, I’m going to take time today to start of TOTW with this important post.

I remember when I first entered this school, I was really lost. As you’ve already known, I’ve never been a really sociable person, so it was kind of hard for me to get used to this new environment during orientation week. Although, I have to admit that I can barely remember anything that happened during my year 1 days. Not to mention, I tend to mix up things that happened in year 1 and 2. :X Can’t help it! We were all still in the same class!

Anyway, I started secondary school in the second class of the year, with a majority of girls in my class. Back then, I never particularly loved my class, because it was too segregated between the males and females, and even between the all the females. And we never had the sense of belonging in the class that some other classes had back then, which was probably one of the reasons why I didn’t really love the class. However though, I’m glad I was able to make a couple of awesome good friends – 你们三个神经病应该知道我在讲你们吧!And I’m really grateful for that, to be able to make such great friends in the first two years of my sec school life. The first two years went in a blur though! I barely remembered studying much for all my subjects in year 1, but I kind of remember studying in year 2 because it was our streaming year. Then again, I can barely remember many of the things that has happened in those two years…

After the first two years and getting into the first class in year 3, sec school life as I knew it has completely changed. Sort of. If I didn’t remember wrongly, I believe my class had homework on the very first day of school. Hahaha, I remember we were complaining about it, because I believe other classes didn’t have homework yet. But nevertheless, the year turned out to be great~ especially after our year 3 adventure camp. Hahaha, those were great times. However, as much as I remember having fun, I do remember myself being quite a nerd last year in order to get good grades for the finals. It did pay off though, and I’m grateful for that!

This year, being back in the same class for the second year, wasn’t much of a difference, except for the workload. I don’t know if I could describe it as ‘increased exponentially’, but I’m pretty sure it increased from year 3, for sure! However, there was big differences in class, because the class as a whole has gotten closer and that’s a good thing, because it just made us feel much more bonded, much like a family. ^^

Because there’s so many people to thank for the good times, if you’re reading this and you don’t know if you’re counted, just count yourself in, alright? 

Thank you

everyone in my secondary school life for all the fun, joy and laughter; wise discussions; wild hilarious imaginations; being patient & educational; and last but not lease, for being awesome.

I hope everyone stays awesome, and that you’d be successful in your future endeavors. 😀



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