TOTW: Lies.

TOTW is basically a segment where I write about my thoughts on certain things/topics to see if anyone out there think the same way as I do. Please also understand that these are just thoughts of a teenager who’s trying to share a piece of her mind to the Internet. Thank you for understanding & reading. 🙂 

I had a hard time thinking of what to write about this week because almost nothing happened for the week. But I thought back to the dramas that I had been watching for the past week and I realized that one of the shows that I watched was talking all about how and why people lie.

First of all, though, I’d like to ask. Do you lie? And if you do, do you think you lie a lot? Do you think that your lies are truly harmless? As I typed this out and my brain automatically gives me answers, I realized that I don’t know for sure whether or not I lie a lot. I don’t know for sure if my lies are harmless. But I know that I had quite a long history with lying.

I don’t remember when was the first time I lied, but I know that I started at a very young age. Nope, don’t ask me how I knew how to lie. I don’t know either. However, after a few incidents, I’ve learnt the hard way that lying isn’t the way to live life. Of course, there are still times that you have to blurt out a lie or two, but definitely not all the time.

While I was watching the show, one particular quote stuck out from the rest:

“There are three types of lies – One, a lie to protect yourself. Two, a lie to deceive someone else. Three, a lie to protect someone else.”

I personally think that this is really true and I think that the lie that is used the most is to protect oneself. Some people lie to protect their social status, their self-esteem, their dignity and even their friend/relationships. Some other people lie to get personal gains, to take advantage of something or for self-preservation.

However, is lying really necessary in our daily lives? It is actually possible to live in a world without lies? Or is our world built on an entire building of deception?

I ask this because, I tried thinking about a world without lies, a world with only truth, but my brain just refuses to oblige and to give me a view of how that kind of world might be like. I believe it’s because even my mind is unwilling to accept the fact that people can live without lying. It’s as if it’s in our human nature that we’re born to deceive others.

Think about it, what would a world without deceit be like? Would the world be a better place? Will all kinds of chaos break out because now everyone knows everything?

Have you ever thought about what exactly is the definition of deceiving someone? We all know that giving someone something that happened when it didn’t is a way of lying. However, is keeping information to yourself, choosing to tell selective information considered as lying too? If it is considered as lying, how many people have we lied to? How many people have lied to us? As much as the definition of deceive is kind of subjective, I think it is a valid point of view.


I cannot help but wonder, why is it that we humans cannot live our lives without lying? Why is it that we have to tell others a twisted truth?

I know this post hasn’t been interesting, but I guess this post just helps me to point out these views of mine and some of my questions. I’m sorry if this post has been really dull.

Personally, I believe that in every lie, there’s a shadow of the truth behind it, waiting to be revealed.



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