Fried chicken, Coffee Bean & Library.

Hey there!

Well, I was thinking, since I had so much free time, why not write a little about my week? Although, I have to warn you in advance… my week hasn’t been very eventful. My brain has been stuck on BBC Sherlock and my dear brain doesn’t want to leave, so bare with me if I happen to start babbling about Sherlock. I still get freaking ass emotional at the end of series 2. Yup. 

My week only started getting more eventful from Tuesday, because all I did on Monday was probably just sitting at this very spot, watching episodes of Sherlock again. I don’t even want to question myself why I’m doing this to myself. -_- Anyway, Tuesday, the lovely 神经病s came over, which I’m really grateful for. We had lunch, played games and ended up watching a movie. Yup. The fact that it was really warm wasn’t helpful at all. However though, I still wanna thank them for coming over and finally spending time together. 🙂 It’s been long!

Wednesday, I went out with my dear primary school friend whom I haven’t spoken to or met for a few years. It was an interesting and lovely day. 😀 I cannot think of anything to write. :O Oh yes, I finally tried 4 fingers. If you don’t know about them, it’s basically a fast food chain that sells fried chicken, sort of. I’ve always wanted to try it because every time I pass by one of this shop, there’s always a freaking long queue. However, I have to say, it was slightly disappointing to my taste buds. The fried chicken was nice, but the seasoning… not so much. I guess it’s slightly more catered to locals who like spicy food. I’m not a part of that group of people, if you’re wondering. I can barely take spiciness. Oh, however though, if you’re one of the people living in the country that appreciates spicy food, go ahead and try it! It is pretty good. 😀

I just remembered something else that happened when I was out. We went to Coffee Bean for a drink in the early evening, and guess what? While I was ordering, I specifically told the barista that I wanted my drink to be warm instead of hot. And guess what? The barista that made our drinks got the temperature wrong. So, when we got our drinks, she was sipping happily while I’m just sitting there grumpily, waiting for my hot cocoa to cool down. -_- Oh well, just like before, I wanna thank Yanrong for taking the time to hang out with yours truly, considering how boring I really am.

Thursday… Thursday was extremely uneventful. All I did was sit at home and rewatch Sherlock and Star Trek into Darkness. See, I told you. My brain is absolutely insane right now. I really need to put my mind of Sherlock because if I don’t do something about it, this craze wouldn’t go away until series 3 comes out, which I don’t even know when it’ll be available for me to watch, considering I don’t live in England.

Today… I finally dragged my ass out to the library. And yes, I did manage to borrow some books home. Yes!! I haven’t been to the library for a really, really long time. And of course, it has been an even longer time since I actually borrowed books. So when I was at the station trying to borrow the books, I was practically struggling to get my books scanned. Yes, honestly. I fucking hate the new system that they’re using. -_- Oh well, I got that over with. So… now I’m back at home, typing this with a slight headache which I hope would go away soon. I guess it’s because I haven’t been sleeping in the right posture or something.

Oh my, I’m hungry already.



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