TOTW: “Work”, Observations, Malaysia.

TOTW is basically a segment where I write about my thoughts on certain things/topics to see if anyone out there think the same way as I do. Please also understand that these are just thoughts of a teenager who’s trying to share a piece of her mind to the Internet. Thank you for understanding & reading. :)

Heylo! Yes, that’s a really weird spelling of the word ‘hello’, I’m sorry about that, meh, I’m not.

To all my lovely regular readers, I’m really grateful for you to read my posts. Last week, I posted two posts. One of which is a normal uneventful posts, the other is last week’s TOTW. Well, after observing the stats, I figured that I might as well just combine the two kinds of posts together. Why not? It saves me a hell lot of time, and I guess people are more interested in the events of my boring life. So, here’s an update and thoughts about my week. I’m still really obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch. ><

I started work this week, because I had pretty much made a deal with my parents that I’ll start working once December starts. As much as it sounds interesting, I can assure you right now, it’s not interesting at all. I believe I came to work too late because my parents are busy as fuck and I’m basically a rookie that cannot do much. Both of them are too busy to assign work to me, and hence, most of the time I sit in the office, doing almost nothing because I practically cannot help with anything. It’s sad, ok, because I feel so helpless as I watch my parents being so fucking busy and frustrated.

Other than my time spent in the office doing almost nothing, basically my week is spent on meals, and trips into Malaysia to send some parts to a site there. That does not sound interesting at all, does it? The trips into Malaysia is probably the most useless out of all the things that I’ve listed above, because all I do is just sleep in the car. YUP. I’m a hideously useless worker in my parents’ office, I swear to god.

Be assured that I won’t write the details about my days spent sitting around, doing nothing, because I’m absolutely certain that the details, if I can even find any details to write about, will bore the heart out of you.

As much as I sound like I’ve been idle for this entire week, I don’t think I have. Uh yeah, that doesn’t sound very interesting. As much as I’ve got nothing to do, I started reading a book I’ve borrowed from the library last week. It’s called Arctic Fire by Stephen Frey. I’m only a third into the book, so I’m not entirely sure as to what I’m supposed to expecting and I just read and go with the flow. I am unable to write how I feel about the book right now because… I’ve been reading it off and on, and if you know me, I really hate when I’m reading a book like that because I lose the story for hours and try to find my way back in. It’s not easy, well at lease for me. I like to get lost in the book for hours and then return to the physical world – meaning I like to finish a book as soon as possible then get on with my life. However, with the circumstances of work, I’m not able to do that at all. It’s a pity, yes.

In the hours that I’m not ‘working’ or sleeping or reading, I observe people and I think about where I’m going to bring myself next year after my results are released. If you know me, you’ll know that I haven’t had a bloody clue on what I want to do after I’m done with O’s. Well, I won’t even lie, right at this very moment, I still haven’t got a single clue on which educational path I will take. Recently, in my fuzzy little brain, I realized that I’m still really interested in Psychology. But then again, I’m interested in almost everything, so that’s pretty redundant. The problem I’m facing, however, is the fact that I don’t know which route would be more beneficial to me, and which kind of profession that I would like to take.

I don’t know where I’m going with that paragraph.

Due to my mostly boring and stagnant week, I don’t have much to talk about. All I have to say is that, if you’re at the same age as me, or you’re facing the problem of not knowing what institution of education/major/profession that you don’t mind working in for the rest of your life… It’s alright, it’s okay. You’re absolutely not alone, because yours truly here has absolutely no idea as well. I don’t know if it’s alright that you don’t know where you’ll want to be ten years down the road, but I can hope that it doesn’t matter because we will find ourselves along the way.

This post might be quite confusing if you’re not local because this stupid country has some weird ass dumb shit education system where we have to choose a tertiary educational path. One path is less respected than the other, which is also fucking stupid. I shall end here before I go into long grandmother stories of how much I fucking hate the education system here. 

Oh yes! I almost forgot to write about something even though my brain’s contemplating right at this very moment whether to write about it or not. However, since these are things that will be happening this weekend, which is also considered as this week, I shall write a little bit about it. I really hope I won’t be writing a long ass naggy grandparents’ story.

Remember how I was talking about how my week consisted pretty much of trips into Malaysia to send parts? Well, on Saturday, unfortunately, I need to be going in again. This trip, however, is not work related at all. Instead, I’m in to visit relatives, well, sort of. I really don’t want to though.

Now, I guess I should explain to you why I’m fucking required to leave the country in the first place. Basically, my aunt’s getting ‘married’ and my family is required to go, because my father is my aunt’s only brother. Only, the “wedding” isn’t really wedding. That, I don’t want to explain because it’s a bomb ass long story and I don’t want to start on it. So, yes, my attendance is freaking required at this “wedding” where a lot of my paternal family would be there, I guess, and I swear to god, I’m not at all excited. I’m not. My face is actually in a grimace as I’m writing this right now. It would probably be a bloodbath on Sunday. Frankly speaking, if a bloodbath really does occur, hell, I would want to be freaking miles away so that nothing involves or affects me. Fat hope. 

Until next week,



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