TOTW: Writing, Great time with a friend, Bed.

TOTW is a revised segment where I share about small little parts of my life and my dear thoughts that comes with these little things. This is simply to share a piece of my mind to the Internet, to see if anyone out there has the same thinking as I do, so please also understand that these are just thoughts and small segments of a life of a teenager. Thank you for understanding & reading. 🙂

Hello there!

You know what? I really don’t understand why I blog my weekly posts on Fridays. I really don’t. I mean, it’s not like my week actually starts on Friday… Neither does it end on Friday… Huh, weird. Hmm, maybe it’s because my school-trained mind where my mind is programmed to think that a week is only weekdays. Haha, yeah, which is probably a reason why my posts never do include much about my weekends.

However, in my own defense, my weekends aren’t exactly the most interesting shit either.

Last weekend was… interestingly boring. Yes, I’m well aware that it doesn’t make any sense at all. All I could say about last weekend is that it was a really, really ordinary weekend. The only things that I remember about the weekend is that, I had an awesome breakfast of ‘fried carrot cake’, I cleared up my room’s desk on Saturday. And the other things was that I went to the supermarket with my mom, as well as to my grandmother’s place on Sunday. Yep, that’s pretty much all I remember from my weekend. So, yeah, now you see why I never really do write about my weekend? Heh.

Oh! I suddenly remembered! I had a really interesting conversation with Fiona on Sunday night! Well, when I was interesting…

Basically, we were just skyping and talking about getting bags online. Yeah, that’s vaguely my definition of interesting. Mm, it isn’t really interesting. To my own defense, these things are interesting because my daily life is so boring. Yes, you can’t really blame me, not that I’m pushing the blame to anyone else. I have absolutely no freaking idea what I’m talking about anymore. Oh, and side note: we did manage to get the bags & I’m really hoping that it’ll arrive real soon!

The good news is that… my week hasn’t been entirely boring. I started writing again on Monday! I know, it really has been a really long time since I’ve written anything. I think the last fic that I wrote was definitely at lease a year ago. Now that I think about it, my old works has been sooooo cliche. So right now, I’m really proud that I finally have the time and the plot to write a relatively better story. Hopefully my writing has improved since then. >.<

On Tuesday, after a shaky morning which I don’t particularly want to mention, I did manage to go to the Book Fest that was happening at Suntec City. Well, the only reason that I was really keen on going, other than the fact that it’s organised by Popular, is because it’s finally at Suntec City! For the past few years, I believe, I’ve always remembered the book fests to be at Singapore Expo, which is really quite a distance from my place. So, finally, for the first time in years, I stepped into the convention center.

And of course, no one goes to these places alone! Yanrong and I went to the book fest together. *cues yay* And, um, it turned out to be a great time! 😀 This time around, instead of other people getting things and me going home empty handed, I’m the one who walked out of the convention hall with a bag in my hand! *cues another round of applause* A few months ago, when Wh and I went to popular, we always stood in front of the book shelves, staring at the repackaged Dan Brown’s books, admiring their lovely covers. Finally, the chance was presented to me to finally be able to those books! Yes, I’m proud of myself for not letting the chance to go to the bookfest slip away. Teehee.

After getting lost, spazzing about a cute guy on Y’s part, walking around the convention halls and getting books, Y and I finally settled for food at Subway. Okay, actually, it hasn’t been all that long since I had Subway. I mean, I just had it maybe two weeks ago. But frankly, I don’t think I can ever get sick of it. Heh.

Ultimately though, what made it a good time was the talk that Y and I had over dinner. I don’t know, I think in my mind, having a great time with a friend will probably always be having a great chat with a friend. I think that’s it. So yes, Y, if you’re reading this… This was exactly why I thanked you for the great time, not because you were spazzing over that cute guy who may have a girlfriend.

Wednesday was just a really forgetful day where I forgot to bring my own pencil case and wear my watch to work. And all this happened simply because my mother didn’t bring my laptop home on Tuesday, and because of that, I didn’t sit at my desk to pack my things. Yep, it’s strange how one thing can be the trigger to reminding about everything else.

Thursday was probably the most random day of my life. In the morning, on the way to ‘work’, my mom suddenly turned the car into this furniture place. And yes, out of the blue, after going to just one store, I got a new bed. Okay, I’d go on to rant about whether or not to go back and tell the salesperson that I want to change the bed frame that I had chosen… So I’ll just go on to the next random thing that happened. Well, actually, thinking chronologically, I believe the next random thing was just me falling asleep while trying to transcript my draft into my laptop. Uh… Okay, that’s not really random. I was probably just too tired. Okay… Maybe my day wasn’t that random after all.

Friday… Well, nothing much has happened yet… I’ll probably be watching the last episode of Hannibal later. And considering that I’ve completed yet another series while waiting for the new Sherlock series… I suppose, I’ll just have to find another series to kill time with. Maybe I should start with watching a Hong Kong drama. I’ve been talking about watching a lot of those HK series, but even after my holidays started, I still haven’t watched a single one. 

So, there was my week in a nutshell, without the mention of my nightly fangirling sessions while tumbling and occasionally youtubing interviews of Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch. *blushes* *giggles* 

Until next week,



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