TOTW: Mindless Rambling.

TOTW is a revised segment where I share about small little parts of my life and my dear thoughts that comes with these little things. This is simply to share a piece of my mind to the Internet, to see if anyone out there has the same thinking as I do, so please also understand that these are just thoughts and small segments of a life of a teenager. Thank you for understanding & reading. 🙂

Just a warning before you start reading. I actually have nothing in particular to write about, as you can tell from the title of this post. This post, before long, would end up being a mindless and meaningless rant. I, however, am extremely keen in keeping my promise of posting three posts this week. Although, I do have to say, I didn’t promise that I had something interesting to write. So. I’m sincerely apologizing if you’re hoping for me to write something interesting, because I’ve got nothing. Sorry for the messiest thought process written out in real time.

Right at this very moment as I’m typing this, I’m really not in a good mood. My stomach’s growling, it’s too late for it to be healthy for lunch, I don’t even know if I’d be able to leave the office for lunch within the next twenty minutes. I can’t even with my parents. What horrible timing all over. Oh well.


Okay, so, scratch that. I’ve just came back from ‘lunch’. No. I was actually done with lunch hours ago, but oh well, things happened and I just got back to my laptop now. That was an interesting trip to the washroom. Okay, one that I’m not willing to share, I don’t even know why I mentioned it. Maybe it’s something in my mind that wanted to share it. But no. It’s too personal. Nope.

Oh yes, before I start going off tangents about any other things, I just want to apologize about the late Christmas post that I had written yesterday. I’m really, honestly sorry. It just slipped off  my mind, considering how long I had left home for lunch, as well as the nap I took after watching an episode of Sherlock. Not to mention the fact that I finally had the chance to have a nice talk with my parents. Which is why, in the end, I only managed to type that post out an hour before the end of Christmas.

Right now, I’m actually skyping with Fiona, trying to get plans for tomorrow fixed. But I actually have one simple problem. I haven’t managed to get confirmation with my father ’bout the tickets. Oh for god’s sake. Sigh. I really, really hope that things will work out fine. *crosses fingers*


Anyhoo, I hope everyone spent their Christmas in the most pleasant way possible! I know my Christmas would’ve felt much better if I had the chance to finish my originally planned Sherlock marathon, but unfortunately, my plans were kindly altered by my parents. Not that I’m complaining, considering how long it has been since we went out as a family. Either way, I’m glad that I had spent my night reading fanfics. The time that I fell asleep last night was actually the latest among the last few weeks.

I’m excited about tomorrow, but there’s this nagging in my head to ask me not to hold on too much hope. But for god’s sake, I just want to head out and have fun, make a few more happy memories before the year ends. Which reminds me, I’m not entirely happy that the year’s ending, but it isn’t as if I could have a say in that.

Alright, I think… I’m out of words to say. Off out!



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