Rewind: School Year in a Nutshell.

Rewind is a new thing that I’ve decided to introduce, however, the nature of these contents included in these posts are nothing new. Basically, I’ve just given it a new name, but it’s about all the same things that I write at the end of the year – reviewing my year, things I’ve learnt in school, things I’ve learnt on my own, things I’ve come to realize, stuff like that. It’s… basically just to give myself some… closure, to prepare myself for the new year in remembrance of the previous awesome year. Pardon my thoughts, and thank you for reading. 🙂

I’m actually writing this a day earlier than usual. As I have always remembered, mixed together with my knowledge of how lazy I can be, these post(s) are usually written on New Year’s Eve, posts where I review and reflect over my year. However, this year, having slightly more time at hand than any other year, I’ve decided to write a little more. Well, I didn’t even write much last year. 

The year, just last the past years, have passed us by in a blink of an eye. Okay, maybe a little more than a blink. However, there’s definitely no denying that the year flew by way too quickly, at lease for me. Honestly, I don’t even know how to start this post. Well, I guess I’ll just be… summarizing my year in this post, and hopefully write about all that I’ve learnt and realized tomorrow. Now… Shall we begin?

The first few months of the year almost felt as if I was thrown into a racing ball of high speed shit. A ball of things that ultimately distracted me from the most important thing – studies. Playing an important role in choir, I guess it didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that I had been neglecting my studies for choir because of the whole deal with that concert performance, SYF and of course, the Annual Awards (AA) that our school does. However, I also knew that this is really, just an excuse. I knew that I had obviously been resting on my laurels from the good results that I had achieved from the end of 2012. That wasn’t so above the line, was it? Pushing the blame to something/one else that isn’t myself?

Why did I say that? Well, because I hadn’t done well for my midyears. I had flung my midyears thoroughly. The only achievement that I could say about my midyears was that I didn’t fail any of my subjects at all. That cannot even be counted as an achievement, honestly. And of course, I had pushed the blame of my poor results to my being busy with the whole SYF shit, as well as the shit that came along with AA which only happened two weeks before midyears. Two weeks definitely wasn’t enough time to finish revising any shit.

The end of the midyears brought the beginning of the hardcore mugging for the only June papers – Mother Tongue. It was almost hell during that two/three weeks of intensive Mother Tongue lessons. Mm, that wasn’t a fun time. That June paper, clearly didn’t turn out to be as good as I had hoped it would be, resulting in a retake of the same subject with the rest of my O Levels papers in December.

To be completely honest, I can barely remember what happened in June. All I remember was that depressing paper at the start of the month, a week of doing this English assessment book as well as another week of desperately trying to complete my Biology ten year series (TYS). Well, at that, I guess I can almost positively confirm that I had also done quite a number of Math and Additional Math papers. That really can’t be help, can it?

July comes around and it’s just an epic whirlpool of rushing syllables. However, lessons in the months following July has definitely been the most beneficial to me, with the consideration that half the class had dropped from pure sciences to combined science. No, before you start thinking, I didn’t drop. Of course, the other reason why lessons had been more beneficial was the return of MrsS, the best Chemistry teacher ever. I don’t even want to explain what that was about, partially because I can’t think of how to write about it. 

With the rush of syllables and all the tests, mock or not, that came with, it wasn’t surprising that I had finally started revising for shit. I mean, I had basically just self-proclaimed time out for the first five months. Not exactly the best decision on my part. Well, at lease I had finally started studying, catching up with everything through random study dates with myself at cafes and ice-cream shops down my road.

Two weeks before O’s, Graduation Day happened. It was almost definitely the worst graduation ceremony that I had to sit through. No, I wasn’t amused and I kid you not. But, graduation did turn out a whole lot better with everyone putting their prejudice behind them and simply just taking photos with each other, desperately wanting to capture the beautiful moment of finally survived secondary school life. Well, at lease, it was like for me.

It wasn’t long before O’s arrived like a humongous, majestic wave threatening the lives of everyone in that sea. The storm that O’s brought along, surprisingly, passed quite quickly. Well, of course, one paper in particular, was out to troll us. *coughs* history *coughs* But, I’m just glad that I’ve survived that gigantic wave and am now basking in the peace of the aftermath. However, who knows what would happen when the results are released in less than a month now? I cannot even begin to imagine.

After the storm came peace and calm. The waves have turned gentle. Everyone that held onto each other during the storm, now separated, drifting apart from each other as the holidays began.

And, being the crazy piece of dump that I am, of course I would think that the holidays are the best part of the year. Away from all the bullshit that came with school, in came the fun that arrives with spending time alone. But of course, I’m not entirely a sociopath. I did catch up with old friends, hang out with current friends, going out for movies and ultimately, shopping. End of the year, especially without school, is always the best time of the year – no stress, nothing. Just having fun until school starts next year. It would, of course, be a whole lot better had I not go to “work” at my parents’ work place. Freedom died together with November. Okay, I’m really just exaggerating.

It really isn’t that bad. I had managed to still hang out with friends, just a lot less. Still managed to have dinner with that huge group of friends, go to the bookfest with an old primary school friend, and even had the chance to feel like a tourist by going to Gardens by the Bay and Universal Studios with my best friend. It has been a fantastic holidays. (I would, of course, still prefer spending my blank days at home, curling in bed, tumbling, watching Sherlock and shit.)

Another year has come and gone, too quickly, I must add. I guess, all good things does come to an end, doesn’t it? It always seems like time is passing faster every year, and yet, every year gets better. Does time always pass faster when the year is great? Oh well, guess I’ll never know.

Anyhoo, it has been a great year, indeed. 🙂



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