TOTW: Results, Choices, Decisions and more Decisions.

TOTW is a revised segment where I share about small little parts of my life and my dear thoughts that comes with these little things. This is simply to share a piece of my mind to the Internet, to see if anyone out there has the same thinking as I do, so please also understand that these are just thoughts and small segments of a life of a teenager. Thank you for understanding & reading. 🙂

Hello there!

Just a quick update from the contents of last week’s post… First and foremost, my bed and I are doing absolutely fine. 🙂 In fact, every morning, I find myself in a dilemma of waking up because it is indeed very comfortable. However, I do find myself still trying to get used to the new height of the bed. Secondly, visiting polytechnics last week was alright. I finally got to enjoy the different atmospheres and campuses, and I find myself still leaning towards one particular polytechnic. (I believe it also happens to be the most popular polytechnic in the nation, but I can’t be sure.) Lastly, the dinner that went on on Sunday night went alright. I finally got to sit and have dinner with a different side of the family, and had different kinds of conversations. It was… quite an interesting dinner.

This week, of course, started off with me staying up on Sunday night and watching the last episode of the series of Sherlock on Monday morning. Yes, it’s morning because I live in a different country and timezone as London. For the record, that episode is possibly the best out of the entire series. That being said, I am also very happy as to how they’ve developed the characters of the story. It’s basically quite brilliant. I do have to say that series 3 does show a different side of the characters and it has moved on quite a bit from the first two series. Thinking about series four makes me quite excited, to be honest. So, until then, it’s these three episodes on replay, again. 🙂

As I prepared to leave for school on Monday, my high from His Last Vow slowly but surely started dissipating. The nervousness that came together with the release of results started slipping back into my veins. It really just wasn’t a pleasant feeling. The nerves and everything. I was just gripping my own hands tightly, honestly hoping that my results would be satisfying.

Well, I’m not particularly keen on revealing what my results is. If you really want to know, just text or WhatsApp me. The odds of me telling on the Internet is almost zero. The only thing that I can say is… I’m not entirely satisfied with my results, but of course, it isn’t entirely bad. My results is just a really sad case of being in the middle of nowhere. It’s neither good nor is it bad. But I am quite disappointed in myself.

So, riding on with the disappointing start of the week, I went on to Junior College open houses with my classmates on Tuesday. I do have to say, it was almost depressing that I would not have the chance to enter the JCs that we had visited on Tuesday. However, after stepping into their school campus, I don’t have the urge to go to JC either. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but feel really, really bad when I came home on Tuesday. I think… I might be feeling a little useless and definitely a little jealous. 

On Wednesday, however, things were getting slightly better. I felt better, at lease. Of course, I started the day off with almost the same group of classmates, going to a JC that isn’t very far from my flat, but is in a really odd location. That school, my results would’ve allowed me to squeeze in. I, however, have almost made up my mind in giving up hope on JC and decided to take on a course in a polytechnic. And honestly, why not? I’m not particularly keen on hating my school for the next two years anyway.

This JC, however, did offer a lot of information for me to understand and store. As much as it has stimulated my interest, it had also almost confirmed my decision. I did, however, with a couple of my friends/classmates go back to two of the polytechnics to find out more about the courses. Some of us have just decided to take on the polytechnic route. And honestly, I don’t think it can be denied that this route would probably be more suited for me.

Anyway, Thursday was spent at home for me to think through my options, and how I should put my choices. By the time this morning comes about, I’m just keying in anything in the book. It doesn’t even make any sense, how I’m so okay with anything. :/ This is weird.

Oh well. I’ve already submitted my ‘application’. I won’t hear anything about until 5 February. And I suppose, I should really just go out and find a real job.

In short, this week is basically a cramped week of exploring options and deciding most of my future.

I hope everyone who went through the same ‘week’ that I had goes into whatever tertiary institute that you really, really want. 🙂



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