TOTW: Job Hunting & Countless Annoying Shits.

TOTW is a revised segment where I share about small little parts of my life and my dear thoughts that comes with these little things. This is simply to share a piece of my mind to the Internet, to see if anyone out there has the same thinking as I do, so please also understand that these are just thoughts and small segments of a life of a teenager. Thank you for understanding & reading. 🙂

Hello there! Has it really been a week only? Because quite frankly, it feels like a month has passed.

Okay, really, I’m just exaggerating.

It really actually does feel like a long time has passed since my last post though. I guess, it’s probably because I’ve got nothing much to do anymore. Not that I had before.

However though, this week, has actually been quite eventful. I guess.

Well, I’m writing this a day earlier than before, because… Oh well I’ll talk about that later.

This week started out really, really shitty. There was a pain in the arse that wouldn’t get off my back, literally forced me to go back to the office even though I had made it really clear that I wanted no part of the work here. And that I wanted to go and find an actual real, part time job outside. He agreed, but no, I still ended up getting my arse forced into this stupid place. Speaking of which, I don’t think I actually am allowed to be typing this now.


Moving on… Monday morning/early afternoon was just completely shitty. Things then picked up after lunch where I finally started working on something that is of significance. Hmm… I guess that’s about it on Monday. And, I guess, there isn’t much to be talked about Monday either, since basically nothing of fucking interest happened.

Tuesday, however, was the interesting day of the week. I met with Wenhui earlier than what was originally planned, and applied for a job at where she’s working at. And seriously, I hope I get the job there. I really hope that I do. Before I actually did meet with her though, on my way to town from my place? The entire time I was actually listening to Cabin Pressure. Um, yes, it’s actually a radio segment for the BBC radio. And yes, I’m kinda only listening to it because Benedict is voice-acting in it. But hey, it’s a hilarious radio segment okay. Now I can barely stop myself from listening to it. Hahahhaa. So, basically, I was on the train with my ears stuffed with earphones, and listening to Cabin Pressure… giggling like a mad woman because I can’t laugh out loud.

The rest of the day at town though, was almost mundane, but not really. We met up with the other guys and girl to have lunch together. It was… an interesting meal. I actually had ramen in sg for the first time. Yes, I have been living in a cave. But, I was actually quite very annoyed at this guy who was complaining. On Tuesday though, unfortunately, I chose the wrong side to sit at, and I ended up not hearing the stories that John and ZH was saying. It’s saddening, alright. Okay, not really.

Well anyway, we then somehow ended up in Kinokuniya, a huge book store that’s actually in town. And I have to say, I don’t know how, but I ended up having quite a fun time there. At first we started out walking around in quite a big group, and after a while, we split up, and there were like, four of us in each group. Well, guess what? I ended up walking around looking at mangas and other weird books.

But guess what’s the most amazing part of Kino?

There was actually a Japanese manga based on the BBC Sherlock! 


I don’t know if it was actually based on the BBC Sherlock, but it most certainly looked like it, considering the cover of the manga basically was the drawn manga version of Benedict Cumberbatch and the back was the drawn version of Martin Freeman.

I have to say, if that isn’t bloody fucking cool, I don’t know what else is.

Well, so, I was standing there, spazzing about the book, while David’s like, “I just saw it, and I was wondering if I should tell you.” Yeah. That’s the kind of friendship we have. -_-

So… after spending, I think, more than an hour at Kino, we finally left and landed ourselves at Starbucks. Don’t ask me how or why. I don’t even know. And yes, as usual, I indulged in my usual Dark Mocha Frap. Teehee.

To cut the next part short, they left shortly after finishing their coffees, I finally got a new pair of flats, and WH and I discovered some really interesting shops at the top of this shopping center that we frequent because we were bored and didn’t want to go home. more like because I was bored and I didn’t wanna go home.

Yesterday, of course, was another amazing day. It didn’t start out very smooth, but I had a really great time. With myself.

Nope, I’m not lonely. I’ve just come to terms with spending time with myself.

Anyway, I went out in the afternoon to go job hunting near my place. I have to say, I’m really, really glad I did. Because, as it turns out, there were quite a number of cafes near my place that is hiring part timers. I had literally stumbled into a cafe that I really, really never knew existed in one of the buildings. And I swear to god, it was just absolutely amazeballs, that place. I cannot even stress more. And the entire time I was texting my ‘text buddy’ for the day what was showing on the television there – Mr Bean. And I even indulged myself with a cup of Iced Hazelnut Latte and two scoops of icecream. 😀

Surprisingly though, after leaving the cafe, in a really, absolutely great mood, might I add, when I was reaching the nearest Starbucks from my place, I bumped into a group of girls from my school. How coincidental is that! 🙂

So, basically…. that’s really all I have to say about yesterday. Because… thinking about that cafe that I stumbled into, literally makes me so happy. Even if I don’t work there, I’d definitely go and study there. Heh! And my night basically included of me tumbling and watching a movie. Hee!


Today’s back to mundane day, just like Monday, except, much more peaceful. And… I really have to say… I really need the Lunar New Year to be over, and for me to start working somewhere. Yup.

This basically sums up my week.

Even though it isn’t over yet.

Because… I’m most probably going into our dear neighbor country tomorrow morning, and I have no intentions whatsoever to blog about my time there. I’m almost sure that I won’t be completely happy. I mean, how would I be if I’m leaving an original day with Fiona behind? 😦 Again, sorry Fiona.

Anyhoo, there’s this awards ceremony that I must go on Sunday to get my dear long-awaited money. And… Yup. Think I’m going to watch The Reichenbach Fall tonight. Hee. I wonder how that would be, now that I know how Sherlock did it.

Oh, speaking of shows. I watched 12 Years A Slave last night. Oh god, no wonder everyone’s been praising it. More than half the time, I was grimacing at how wrong and pitiful, and yet very real at that time, the movie was.

It’s a really, really meaningful and impactful story. And also a very sad one.

Well then. Until next week!



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