TOTW: February and Post-CNY.

TOTW is a revised segment where I share about small little parts of my life and my dear thoughts that comes with these little things. This is simply to share a piece of my mind to the Internet, to see if anyone out there has the same thinking as I do, so please also understand that these are just thoughts and small segments of a life of a teenager. Thank you for understanding & reading. 🙂

Hello there!

I’m back from all the Lunar New Year celebrations!

I do have to say, it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be. And I’ll mention this before continuing on about my week, I will be posting some photographs at the end of the post, so if you’re interested, just click on the link.

Well, I last posted on Wednesday, and I actually left the country across the border on Thursday. Well… Basically we had reunion dinner at a relative’s place, spent a few hours there, before heading back to my grandparents’ house. I have to say, this year’s reunion dinner was slightly more interesting, actually. I actually had a conversation with my aunt, who’s actually just a couple of years older than me. And it was interesting because… we sort of never do have conversations with each other. To think the conversation started because I did a tiny Dutch braid into a ponytail.

The ride back to my grandparents’ place was pretty much the best part of the day as it strike midnight before we got back. The moment midnight came about, there were just fireworks and fire crackers everywhere. It was quite an atmosphere to be experiencing. My dad and I actually drove past a house that just started a chain of fire crackers. It was amazeballs! Not to mention in the neighborhood, there were just so many people putting fireworks and fire crackers. It was actually quite a sight, because I’ve never actually witnessed or heard such enthusiastic festive atmosphere before. In the past years, it was usually just a couple of stray booms. This year’s was just… awesome. 😀

Not to offend anyone, but my first day of Lunar New Year basically comprises of going to relatives’ houses, smiling at relatives who’s faces I remember but names I don’t. Well, that, as well as going to temples and praying. Yup.

We left my grandparents’ house on the second day and headed up to Cameron Highlands. We were spending the next few days up in the mountains. Man, I swear, the cool and fresh air up there was amazing. Unfortunately though, we didn’t do much there.

We arrived at about 8pm on Saturday night, and basically didn’t do much for the rest of the night. I do have to say, I didn’t really sleep all that well that night. Um… Let’s see…

On Sunday… We basically didn’t do much as well. Had a late start to the day. Frankly speaking, I don’t remember what we did. :O Well… That kind of just comes to show that we really didn’t do much, because I can’t even remember what we did. I do remember having steamboat for dinner though. And it was sooooo filling. Hahahaha. Oh! Yes, now I remember! We went to a market and bought food as well as some other stuff. I even got a scarf! Um… yeah. The reason why I really got the scarf is kind of embarrassing, so I shall not reveal that. But, I’ll give you a hint. It’s because of my ‘fangirl-ism’. SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

On Monday though, we did way more things. We had lunch at a really nice, almost posh cottage. It was quite a lovely place to be in, coupled together with the amazing weather. We did visit a strawberry farm, and instead of getting strawberries, we got cactus. LOL. Oh well. Um… and then we actually did go to the Cactus Point. Or was it called Cactus Valley? Meh, I can’t remember the name of it. And there were so many flowers, but… the most interesting things to look at, clearly was the cactus. That was… basically it. Mom and I went down for a walk from our hotel to a smaller market just down the road. Unfortunately, this market didn’t open till late, so, we just sat down and enjoyed the cool air.


On Tuesday… It was just a really, really long ride back home. And… There really is just nothing to talk about.

Yesterday, I went to my grandmother’s place to 拜年 and um, yeah. I actually had quite a great time there, as usual. 😀 I even got to go to my aunt’s place to sit and talk a little.

Today… There really isn’t much. So… I’m really just hoping that tomorrow won’t be ruined. Because, right now, I actually have to just go and hopefully not make a scene. Honestly, I really really don’t want to go to the office anymore. I swear to god. If I step into that place again, I think I might actually go crazy.

And I’m happy to say that I’m finally starting work next week! I honestly don’t care what that madman thinks, because I’m really just super happy that I’ve escaped. And yet I can’t escape for another day. Well. :X If things doesn’t go well… it’ll just be one last day… *crosses fingers*

I don’t know if I should be happy that it’s February already. Because… honestly… January went by so fucking slow that it felt like years has passed. Oh god. I mean it though. January was SO FUCKING SLOW. :X I really want the months to pass quicker because I really just want to start school and let everything go back to ‘almost normal’. I really need things to go back to normal. In just two months, my brain has gone through so much emotional stress because of the lack of school work that I am honestly just going insane. I probably actually need some medication for the state of my mind now. :X

Anyway… Back to watching dear Sherlock. 😛



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