TOTW: Work. Like, actual work.

TOTW is a revised segment where I share about small little parts of my life and my dear thoughts that comes with these little things. This is simply to share a piece of my mind to the Internet, to see if anyone out there has the same thinking as I do, so please also understand that these are just thoughts and small segments of a life of a teenager. Thank you for understanding & reading. ūüôā

Hello there! Grumpy is back here to talk about her week!

Okay, I’m just over-exaggerating things. I am, however, quite annoyed right now, but I honestly just don’t want to talk about it. Maybe I’ll just hint about it.¬†Oh, yes, before I start on this week’s post.

Happy Valentines’ Day!¬†

This really isn’t all that appropriate to be posting this. But oh well, since everyone’s saying it.¬†I’m not particularly fond of this day, but then again, I’m not particularly fond of any day. ‘Cause quite frankly, it really just doesn’t make any difference.

Anyway, I started working as a barista on Sunday. Yeah, I only started then. And I have to say, there are a lot of things to get used to. It also seriously wasn’t easy. But then again, what’s easy when you’re just starting right? I didn’t do much on Sunday, partially because it was my first day. All I really touched on was the food station.

It was only Monday that I really started to learn to do things. I don’t even remember what I had originally planned to write because my time to write this has significantly been decreased.

Well… so… yeah. Sunday wasn’t too bad. Monday wasn’t that bad either. Tuesday and Wednesday was when things starts getting a little not too good because.. there wasn’t someone else around to help me get used to things… Plus, I was slightly late for work on Tuesday and Wednesday. :X Not that good. Hmm… Yesterday was alright, I guess. Worked with my supervisor for the first time yesterday to do closing. And…. it was surprisingly alright. And frankly, I kinda liked doing closing better than opening. I wonder why. Though, I happened to unintentionally yawn a few times while my supervisor was talking to me. :X It was unintentional! I wasn’t being disrespectful!

But, five days of work outside my parents’ ‘protection’ showed a lot of things to me.

I truly understand how much harder it is to be working. As well as how much more different working is compared to studying. And thinking back, hell, after experiencing work life, I really miss being a student.

Frankly speaking though, I have a feeling that I’m having such a hard time getting used to work life because of my lack of ability to adapt quickly to things. Especially things that I’m really just hella not used to; things that I’m foreign with. And this is quite honestly just, not good. Not a trait that I’m proud of, really. Not a trait that I want to keep, actually.

I don’t know…. I found it really tough at the beginning, especially when the drinks and the cashier-ing came in. Because honestly, it was just so new, and I’ve never done stuff like this before. Something that I realized after these four days of working, things always start to get better as I’m getting off work. I don’t know. Mornings are always much rougher than afternoon. It is extremely strange, to me, at lease. Oh well. Maybe that’s why I preferred doing closing than opening.

Hmm… All I can say is…. I miss studying and being a student. :X And quite frankly, after these few days of work, on my journeys home, I started thinking about how such small changes like starting work is already affecting my life. And I just cannot stop myself from thinking about how the start of polytechnic life would kill me – considering my lack of quick adaptation to new things.¬†I really just hate changes, and yet, it’s just completely inevitable.

This year is going to be so rough. Well, at lease, the first half of the year is going to be really, really rough and rocky. As it always is. Sigh. I am kinda looking forward to the start of school though. This is probably just because I miss being a student again.


Well, since for once, I’m actually blogging my TOTW on a Friday night, I might as well talk about how my Friday went. As y’all know, it’s Valentines’ Day and um… well, it might be the ‘most romantic day of the year’. However, I’d just like to mention that…¬†Shouldn’t everyday be romantic with your partner/lover/girlfriend/boyfriend?!¬†

My original plan today was actually to stay home all day (because it happens to be my off day), spend more than half my time watching Sherlock, doing the chores, blog as well as write a new chapter. As well as to tumblr. However, there was change of plans because it’s not only Valentines’ Day, but also the last day of the celebration of the Lunar New Year. So… It’s kinda tradition to have dinner with family. Therefore, my plans for today has changed from staying home all day to staying home half day, quite unfortunately, I might add.

My day had originally went almost perfectly. Until I had to leave home earlier to meet my parents, because my¬†dear father decided that it was appropriate to get me to the office earlier to do some stupid thing. Oh well, I’m gonna get that done later. :X My TOTW is much more important.

Anyway, when I was waiting for the bus to my parents’ office, I just started watching people. Well, y’know, the kind of things that you do when you’re bored and have nothing else better to do. And since it’s Valentines’ Day, it’s really not all that difficult to spot couples around. I don’t even know where I’m going with this. -__-

So… because I was so bored, as a ‘topic for conversation’, I texted Yanrong “couples! couples everywhere!” while waiting for the bus. And she replied like half an hour later, “ya man” “alone OMG”. And we somehow got to have the conversation of being bothered by all the couples. Clearly, I’m not all that bothered by it. Hmm… technically nobody would know that I really am just not bothered by it.

Seriously though, why should it bother me? Or you, for that matter.

So what if we’re single? It’s not as if we’re the only ones who’s single. And if it does make you feel better,¬†Benedict Cumberbatch, the ‘king of tumblr’ is currently in New York, and he’s single too. You are most¬†definitely not alone.

Okay, that has gotten too far.

The point I’m trying to make is… quite simple, really. There’s literally no point being bothered by the couples around us on Valentines’ Day. I mean, as someone who was walking around alone, my eyes, strangely, was actively looking out for people who are walking around alone too.

The other thing that I really don’t get about Valentines’ Day is… What is the fucking point of giving your girlfriend flowers? What’s the point of giving your boyfriend chocolates? It… doesn’t… make… any… sense. What is it about Valentines’ Day that is so special that you have to buy a fucking expensive bouquet of roses? What does the roses even signify? Because… frankly… these flowers would die.

Plus, why is it only on this day that you gift things to your partner? If you really are in love, shouldn’t everyday be an open confession of how much you love them? Okay, this is definitely not as eloquently put as I’ve said them to my mother earlier today. I hope my point was made though. o.o

This is probably way too far-fetched, but… my future boyfriend/husband, if you really wanna do vday, don’t get me stupid roses okay. I know it probably sounds really romantic, but just don’t get them. They’re too expensive, and frankly, quite useless. Instead… get me something more… thoughtful. Handmade chocolates would be fantastic. Actually, even a cuddling day in would be excellent. Just, be original. Flowers and chocolates are way too overrated. Yup.¬†

That definitely went too waaaaaaay far.

Alright, with that, I’m just gonna end this week’s post. I’m meeting Fiona tomorrow! Whoo!

Hmm…. alone or not, enjoy your last hour of vday!

I’m outta here. Love you guys x



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