TOTW: Aquarium, The Oscars, Emotions.

TOTW is a revised segment where I share about small little parts of my life and my dear thoughts that comes with these little things. This is simply to share a piece of my mind to the Internet, to see if anyone out there has the same thinking as I do, so please also understand that these are just thoughts and small segments of a life of a teenager. Thank you for understanding & reading. 🙂

Hello there!

I’m changing things up a little this week. Due my weird as heck work schedule this week, I’m unfortunately unable to freely write my thoughts of the week on Thursday/Friday. Keyword: freely. 

Therefore, I think, I’m just going to post one today that’s hopefully entertaining enough, and… hope that I will be able to post one on Friday night after work. Well, now that I think about it, I think I will write another post on Friday night. The only thing is, whether the date on the post shows Friday or Saturday, that would be another thing.

So yes.. somehow, I got myself into the situation of writing two posts this week. Ah well, I wouldn’t be here if I don’t enjoy writing these posts anyway.

Righto. The other day, I went to the SEA Aquarium with my parents and.. it was… alright. I’m not saying that it wasn’t interesting. It’s just… something seemed to be missing. I believe on that day, I saw the largest crab I would ever get to see in my life. It’s legs were so freaking hugely long that it’s just so bloody creepy. Right, and I also saw some really interesting large eels. Oh, of course, there were also a hell lot of different kind of fishes. The most interesting ones, to me, is obviously the ones that can glow in the dark! Hmm… Let’s see… what else… Oh yes. Jellyfishes! As well as cushion-y Star Fishes! Yup, it was quite very interesting. /too lazy to upload photos/

Anyway, I got to enjoy a musical that night. It was quite very entertaining, and it actually somehow reminded me of the Monster Rock show that Fiona and I thoroughly enjoyed when we went to the USS. But heck, the musical was definitely a much, much larger production. Well, obviously.


Right then, moving on.

Today turned out to be an surprisingly good day, though I only managed to do half the things on my to-do list. To be fair to myself though, I didn’t even know that I was actually going to watch The Oscar Academy Awards show! I mean, since, I actually quite dislike watching awards shows anyway. But then again, it’s usually because Ellen Degeneres isn’t hosting it!

I had a pretty normal morning. Woke up, scrolled through Twitter, squealing at Benedict Cumberbatch’s red carpet photos and giggling madly at Benedict photobombing U2. Wait. I think I actually saw that much later after it really happened. But anyway… Went into doing my usual stuff, eating cereal for breakfast (finally) as well as getting my day started by reading my enrolment package thoroughly this time.

It wasn’t until my parents left for work that I actually went to look for a channel on the TV that was showing the awards live. And that actually only happened because /from twitter/ I found out that Benedict hasn’t presented the award yet. Which means he could be stepping onto stage at any minute. Yep, I’m definitely one of those crazy fans. Okay, definitely not as crazy as the English fans who stayed up all night watching the livestream. I’m quite glad that my timezone is definitely much ‘more compatible’ to watching the American livestreams.

Right, so… I was watching the second /half/ of The Oscars, I think. And… well, okay, maybe it was less than half because most of the awards have already been given out. I only witnessed a few, I think. (Wasn’t really paying attention because Benedict wasn’t on it. :P)

As it turned out, as much as I had started watching this awards show with, quite frankly, almost only one goal in mind (spot Benedict Cumberbatch, the professional photobomber), I ended up watching it as a huge supporter of 12 Years A Slave as well as Leonardo DiCaprio. I still do not understand why in the world DiCaprio didn’t win. But, oh well, we can’t really do anything about it except to feel bad and sorry for him. Actually, I don’t even understand why the guy that won did. Right, I can’t really say anything, since I haven’t watched that movie. But, I was really hoping for Chiwetel Ejiofor to win, if not Leonardo. I mean, seriously. His work in 12YAS is absolutely beautiful.

In short, I spent my late morning, early afternoon watching The Oscars, grinning like an idiot at Ellen Degeneres hosting, because heck, SHE CRASHED TWITTER because of the greatest selfie ever taken, while hosting one of the most prestigious awards show! Not to mention, she even ordered pizzas! Somebody please just vote her to be the ruler of the world already. And I’m really glad that I got to watch that, because awards shows should always be like as interactive as this! Not boring as heck as the ones that we always have to suffer through.


After spending about two hours on YouTube, watching videos, I decided that I will watch Gravity today, considering the fact that Gravity has won what, seven awards? So yes, the curious mind of mine wanted to know why this movie managed to win over the people at The Academy.

And hell I was definitely not expecting to be sobbing and shaking like a baby.

That movie definitely deserved most of the awards.

Except for the main plot of being in space, I have a feeling that the movie actually spoke to me in an emotional level, explaining the fact that I was crying 30 minutes into the movie. I mean, seriously, thirty fucking minutes into the movie and I’m crying alreadyI don’t even know why. And then as the movie continued, I stopped for a bit, and then cried really hard again. I think I basically just spend 5 minutes at every 30 minutes mark crying.


My guess of why it made me so emotional was most probably the fact that Sandra Bullock, as well as the script, portrayed the despair, fear and lost of hope that comes along with detachment and helplessness. And I think that this really just screamed at me because, despite what you may think, I experience these feelings all the time. And eventually, just like Ryan Stone, you’d lose hope. Yes, I was crying really hard at that part too. 

And therefore, because this movie actually quite almost literally spoke to me on a personal level, it inspired me a little more than I thought it would. It brought back thoughts that I haven’t thought about in a while that could help me improve my current fucking messed up state of mind as well as to bring some purpose to my life. This, itself, is why I said that this movie deserved most of the awards that it has gotten.


So… today surprisingly became a good day because of a message held beneath a movie.

Alright then, I shall end my post here and head off to pack my bag for work tomorrow. Too bad there aren’t any drunk photos of Benedict dancing at the after party. 😛 



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