Gravitational Pull in Space.

These posts are where I share about small little parts of my life and my dear thoughts that comes with these little things. This is simply to share a piece of my mind to the Internet, to see if anyone out there has the same thinking as I do, so please also understand that these are just thoughts and small segments of a life of a teenager. Thank you for understanding & reading. 🙂 

Hello! I figured I’ll just drop the name, because… it’s starting to lose it’s original meaning of being a segment. It basically just builds up my blog, considering how I’ve basically been using it for more than a month to keep my blog alive.

Anyway, yes, in case you’re wondering, I’m well aware that my title doesn’t make any sense because…. it kinda doesn’t exist. However, I hope it does shed some light as to what I’m about to blogging tonight. Right, just for your information, it’s kinda late here where I am, and if I go off course as to what I’m writing, don’t mind me.

It has come to my attention that when I wrote the post about watching the Oscars some time ago, I never gave any follow up to what happened that day. Yes, I did keep my word and watch Gravity that day, and I have to say, I honestly wasn’t expecting the kind of reaction that I had for this movie. I don’t think anyone else would have had the same reaction as I did either. Because I’m pretty sure crying hysterically throughout the course of a movie like Gravity isn’t one of the default reactions.

But yeah, basically, on the day that this particular movie won so many awards, I watched it and I cried like I’ve never cried before. I guess, in some ways, this movie speaks to me on some really emotional level that I perhaps wouldn’t even understand. All I knew was that watching it made me remember the things that I’ve forgotten over the course of my holidays.

I’m not going to go into the details of the movie because god knows how fantastic I am at recalling details of movies and television shows. However, this show really did just scream at me for one fact. It has reminded me the importance of having faith, perseverance and of course, finding the meaning of life. I don’t even know how I got these from a movie, but.. I guess, that’s the beauty of movies. It’s that everyone kinda gets something different from the same movie.

Back to what I was saying… This movie didn’t only remind me about these things. It might as well have been screaming about how my own conviction is extremely important.

And yet, up till this very moment, even after so many weeks, I still fail to find my conviction. I still fail to find the purpose of life, as well as the perseverance and motivation to be that change that I want to be.

I have to admit, I cried really, really hard when Dr Stone makes the decision to give up on life back on Earth and turns off the air ventilation as well as the oxygen levels. However, I cried even harder when she realises that Kowalsky wasn’t actually there to remind her that there’s still a way out of space alive. And yes, I was still sobbing hysterically when she finally placed both her feet firmly on the ground, appreciating the gravitational pull of the earth.

Basically, I was just crying the ENTIRE time throughout the movie.

I don’t even know what was the point that I was trying to make anymore. Wow. I’ve really gotten way off track of what I was saying again.

Oh, right, so basically… I’m kinda here to give praises to this wonderful movie. I frankly wasn’t expecting something this meaningful when I saw that this movie had won so many awards, but after watching it… Just… Wow. Although, I still don’t really understand why Gravity got best soundtrack though.


Speaking of space brings me to a whole different topic altogether. As much as I would like to write about my ramblings about space, I really am way too lazy to put the hazy thoughts in my mind into words that you guys would understand. And therefore, I’ll just be writing some… other lame ramblings.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always thought that space is extremely beautiful, and not to mention, hella interesting. And because of that, there is a small part of me that really wants to be a scientist that has enough training and stuff to explore space.

But then again, if only travelling through space was as easy as in the sci-fi movies such as Star Trek.

Honestly, I’m quite disappointed that space travelling isn’t as easy as it might seem from the movies. Not to mention, it also kinda stinks that our technology doesn’t allow us to be able to communicate or even observe life of different kinds. Yes, I was talking about aliens. And yes, I do strongly believe that aliens do exist.

Plus, I’m also kinda disappointed that space travelling really isn’t as cool as the movies make them out to be. I guess that’s another brilliantly written aspect of Gravity. It’s that it really realistically shows what it’s really like in space, that in space, there really isn’t any gravitational pull from anything. And that it really isn’t like you could walk around on the spaceship like on USS Enterprise.

And yet, as much as there are so many space enthusiasts out there, we are still unable to find any different kind of lifeforms, we are still unable to advance our technology such that we’re able to travel through space and not have to worry about time because warp has been invented. We are still unable to voyage through deep space and explore strange new worlds.

It’s such a pity, but I’m sure we’ll get there soon. And quite frankly, I look forward to the day where technology will finally unable us to understand space better.


I hope this post explains the title that doesn’t make sense.



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