Movie Dinner & Addictions.

These posts are where I share about small little parts of my life and my completely insignificant thoughts that comes with these little things. This is simply to share a piece of my mind to the Internet, to see if anyone out there has the same thinking as I do, so please also understand that these are just thoughts and small segments of a life of a teenager. Thank you for understanding & reading. šŸ™‚Ā 

Greetings everyone! Hope you’ve had a great Wednesday? Okay, my attempts of writing any form of more interesting salutations are definitely not going anywhere. It’s quite pathetic, actually. I definitely cannot deny that.

I don’t even know where to start this post from, to be honest. I mean, a lot of things has happened yesterday. Or, well, at lease, it felt as if a lot of things happened yesterday when truly, only one thing of significance happened. And that thing was that I finally hung out with my friends.

I don’t know if I’ve actually mentioned this before in my posts, but… Things has definitely changed since graduating from secondary school, obviously. However, what I wasn’t counting on was how difficult these changes are going to be to adapt to. Ever since our posting results came out, the group of friends has split. Some of us, embarked on the route of going to junior colleges. (I really am not in the mood to explain the little red dot’s complicated education system. But basically there’s two mainstream routes after graduating secondary school. One’s junior college, and the other’s called polytechnic. I’ve mentioned this before, hadn’t I?) The rest of us, obviously, decided on going to polytechnic. (Have I not mentioned about how polytechnic’s the route that’s frowned upon by people with older mentalities?)

Anyway, in case you’re unfamiliar, junior college has long started while us poly students are still grudgingly waiting for school to start. When I say grudgingly…

And due to the difference in school terms and work schedules, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for us to meet up and catch up. But then again, sometimes it does boil down to how much effort you put into wanting to meet up with your friends, but that’s a whole other topic altogether. Right, basically, what I’m trying to say is that… It’s actually the March holidays for everyone else who’s studying right now, and we finally got the chance to meet up.

Right in the middle of the “holidays”, we met up for dinner and movie. Well, movie for some of us anyway. J, SY, WH and I met early yesterday to watch Mr Peabody and Sherman, which was surprisingly not as boring as I hoped it wouldn’t be. I have to say, though, that it was definitely a relatively really short movie. But then again, any longer would be extremely draggy.

We then roamed around Orchard over and over again to wait for MY to get off work. And of course, to meet S. Somehow, we did land ourselves at Kinokuniya again. I swear to god, it has basically become the ‘must go’ highlight of every single one of our outings. Not that I’m complaining.

We were all hoping for some Chinese cuisine, but, as it turns out, the restaurant that we wanted to go was closed – for some strange reason. And, we somehow landed ourselves in a Japanese restaurant. The food was indeed not bad, and we even played a round of “shoot, marry, shag”, though I have to admit, it was definitely not one of the more appropriate games to be playing over the dinner table. It was, however, quite entertaining and hilarious, due to the odd names that surfaced. I do have to say, our time spent together was actually, too little, considering we really couldn’t stay out too late anyway. Plus, I was working this morning, so, that’s a downside to meeting for dinner. There wasn’t any other way though, so I’m just glad that we finally managed to meet.

I don’t know what else to write about now, actually. I’ve pretty much highlighted my day out. I mean, if I went into the details any further, I’m pretty sure all of you would just stop reading my blog because it’d be too damned boring due to all the nitty gritty mundane details.


As I’ve mentioned above, I was working this morning, and… It… was… alright? I’m certainly not very sure if there’s any other words that can describe today. It was, however, mildly interesting because I finally had the chance to steam some milk and have some practice with the pouring, in which my skills are absolutely appalling. I am, after all, a beginner at it.

This is pretty much all though. I literally have nothing else to write about, to be honest. And if I continue writing, even though I’ve got nothing else of significance to share… It would end up being about…

I had originally planned to take a nap after coming home from work, but I ended up reading an amazing,Ā amazingĀ fanfic and I didn’t take my nap in the end. And now I’m sitting here, faithfully blogging just like I originally planned that I would. Can’t miss out too many things on my list, can I?

Yes, that’s the kind of mundane things that I would write about if I had nothing else to write. Of course, I try to avoid being such a bore. Well, unless, you’d prefer reading mundane stuff? Leave me a comment below, if you fancy the mundane ramblings.


Right. I just remembered coming across a tweet earlier. It says: “we’re all addicted to something that takes the pain away.” Which reminded me of why I’m constantly spending my time rotting away in my room, in front of my laptop watching television series and different, different types of movies. Because when I do that, I tend not to remember all the shit that’s been in my life for years; I tend not to think about how I could sort my life out, how I want things to change but I’m not making any kind of changes because I’m nothing but a let down to others. I’m absolutely sure that this could be considered as an addiction, and the henchmen to denial and futile escapades.

And in so many ways, addictions areĀ neverĀ healthy. They’re never healthy because they never does anything significant to help you to get your life together. All addictions do is to tear your life apart, much more than it already is. Because all it does is put you in denial, and to force you to ignore all of the things that you should be putting your fullest attention into. It is extremely toxic and yet all it will do is consume you if you don’t find a way out of addiction.

Being an addict doesn’t have to be just being addicted to the boos like gambling, booze or drugs, things like that. In my opinion, and to many, I believe, even every day life tasks can become an addiction. For example, watching telly, using the Internet, gaming, online gaming, eating… Things like that are things that we do every single day, and yet, in excess, they can become a form of addiction as well. And right now, I don’t know why I’m writing as if I’m some expert on addiction, because… honestly… I, myself, am an addict too.

My point in all these are that… Nobody’s alone in the world of addiction, because frankly, the world of addiction is HUGE. It is humongous and yet, there’s always a way out as long as we search hard enough, as long as we have that conviction to get out of this shit. I’m trying to manage the number of hours that I watch television series, and I know it’s a really small step. But hey, one step at a time right?

As cheesy and overrated as it may sound, because it really is cheesy and overrated, “be the change that you want to be.”


‘Til next time.



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