Wassup! This post will most probably sound like an academic essay for an examination. (I’ve written about this topic too many times in school.) But, it is still something that I’ve never written on my blog, not yet, I hope. And therefore, I’d just like to share my opinions on it. Speaking of which, just be kindly reminded that this post is really just written by a teenager who’s just writing about her thoughts and observations. ^^

It has come to my attention that I need to be writing about this particular topic, the signs have been increasing as the days go by. These aren’t good signs, by the way.

It’s just that recently, I’ve been noticing a significant increase of signs that the ever-advancing technology is ruining our lives. Actually, it has been ruining our lives for quite some time now, it’s just that… we’re probably too immersed in these indulgence that we just ignore these little things. Honestly though, I cannot think of how to continue this paragraph.

I know, this is a really abrupt post, and it probably didn’t even make any sense. But… it really wouldn’t be making any sense if I’ve already finished typing it and yet not post it. So…. I’m just going to go out there and publish this. You know what, let’s just get to the main bits.

Why technology is ruining lives:

Technology is pushing everyone apart. It’s putting us into the position where all the work we do is on a technological device. I mean, it really is, considering how most of our work is increasingly done using the computer. And it is also because of this that nobody ever speaks to anyone anymore.

What I meant was… it’s only on a rare occasion that people actually does put in the effort to meet someone face to face to have a meeting. It’s really rare nowadays, to be honest. I mean, considering how convenient technology has been by bringing in instant messaging. I mean, although it’s a completely different feeling altogether when you actually meet someone, but, it’s just sometimes very difficult to just meet someone these days.

Nowadays though, because of technology, we don’t speak to each other anymore. We most commonly communicate with one another through instant messaging on our phones or our computers. And there’s always a screen that’s in between us and the other party. There’s only words instead of voice. It’s still communicating, yes… but, is it really the same?

Another thing is that… we can’t even have a proper meal with each other anymore.

It’s something that, I believe, everyone has experienced. Well, at lease, most probably here anyway. The sight of family members using their phones while at the dining table is becoming much, much more common. The only problem is… You don’t really notice it until you really pay attention. I’d bet that this sign has existed for a really long time, probably since the iPhone upped the smartphone market. But the increase has been quite disturbing though. And honestly, what’s really starting to bother me is that even my own father is using his phone at the dining table too! The other thing that’s starting to bother me as well is that little kids are doing it too! It has even come to a point where some of these children cannot sit down to have a proper meal without having an iPad in front of them or a smartphone in their hands. It’s quite distressing, to be honest.

If it wasn’t for the advancement of technology that smartphones exists, kids will still be having proper meals with their parents. A proper meal where everyone sitting at the table are engaging in a proper conversation. At times, at the dining table, it is just so difficult to speak to my parents because some party isn’t putting down their damned phone. Sigh. I miss those times where we actually have a conversation. I’ve once witnessed a family of three sitting together at the dining table, and all three of them are using their phones. They barely even spoke to each other.

If this continues… I don’t know whether we’ll still open our mouths to speak to each other anymore. Even the simplest action of ringing one’s doorbell is replaced by a simple text from one party to another to tell that they’re outside the flat. This has got to be serious enough to do something about, is it not?


Granted, these advancements in tech also does benefit us in a way that brings us closer together, considering how we can easily communicate with one another across the planet. But… Is it better that we can speak to people across the oceans or that we can speak to people who are close to us? I know, it’s not something that we can decide on, but… it is something to think about, no?

If we all could just spend a little less time on our phones, on our computers, on the Internet, would we feel better? Shouldn’t we feel better that we’re fully engaged in an activity with our friends and family sitting in front of us? Wouldn’t it be better if we could just resist the urge to pick up our phone and scroll through (almost) useless social network sites like Facebook and Twitter?

Doesn’t it make you wonder, why can’t we just put down our gadgets and fully engage with one another? Just, take a moment, slow down your pace, bring your eyes up and watch the people around you instead of having a staring contest off your phone. We should also be the role models of little children nowadays that speaking to each other with our mouths, face to face, is very important.


I’m sorry if none of these made any sense to you. ‘Til next time.


On another brief  and completely random note……

I was just scrolling through Twitter and I came across a tweet by the amazing swimmer from the States, Missy Franklin, who posted a photo of her and Benedict Cumberbatch! I mean, OH GOD, SHE’S MET HIM! THEY’RE BOTH IN M’SIA! AND TECHNICALLY THEY’RE SO NEAR FROM ME!! I mean, okay, I basically am just fangirling my head off. Sigh. Oh, plus, that photo of him at the welcome party, where he wears a glasses almost broke the CumberCollective, I think. Ugh, I can’t even with this man. 

I really am still fangirling. 



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