This post is very likely to be reflective and therefore, it is also very likely to be quite personal. Either way, these words are merely my thoughts and opinions. I hope that you won’t get upset over my post. 

I actually don’t particularly know what I’m going to blog about. I mean, after all, there’s been nothing much to talk about anyway. I can barely remember what happened last week even. Oh yeah, I just remembered. I went to M’sia for three days. Well, it was actually supposed to be all vacation for me, but because my parents were there for work, it ended up being half work/fun. In the end though, thanks to the pathetic arrangement of the resort being open pretty much only on the weekends. All our plans were dashed. In the end, mom and I spent half the day in the room just watching Madagascar 3. There was literally nothing else to do.

I spent my Friday doing the chores, as per my holidays routine. But, instead of doing anything else productive, I ended up procrastinating and doing absolutely nothing all day. All I did was to catch up on the new episodes of Agents of SHIELD. Speaking of which, episode 17 was amazeballs! But, no spoilers from me. Hahha. 😛 I was really surprised at the ending of the episode though. It was really unexpected, but somehow, I have a feeling that it will work out to be fine in the end.

My Saturday was spent working and shopping. I don’t even know what entered into my mind that I needed to go shopping. But, yeah, I did go shopping, and um, I ended up buying a large number of clothes from Uniqlo. And it’s all from my own wallet! Yeah… I’ve spent more than half of my March salary away already. 😦 That totally sucked, but idk, it actually felt really good though. Although, after buying, all I could think about was why in the world did I buy so many clothes? Oh well. I really liked the blouses anyway. Then I spent the rest of the day with my mom at my grandmother’s place. I don’t know, it just felt really endearing. I was sitting between my two cousins and they were busy with their stuff. We opened a packet of Doritos and I ended up feeding them. Hahahaha. 😀 It definitely felt familial. 🙂

On Sunday, on an originally window shopping trip, mom and I ended up buying shoes. Yup. I don’t even know why. But, yeah, we did. And honestly, the shoes are actually really pretty. Though, I’m kinda still trying to get used to the heels. I mean, considering the fact that I don’t usually wear heels out. I don’t know, I guess it’s probably because of the heels. It makes me wanna walk in a more feminine fashion. Which is kinda annoying, because… I’m just used to walking quickly. I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore.

Pardon me, I’m just distracted by my headache. :X I don’t even know why I’ve got a headache. :X But I do, and it really doesn’t feel good. T^T

This week should be much more interesting? I’ll be having orientation day camps on Wednesday and Thursday. Honestly, I’m quite excited, but I haven’t gotten any information, much less details, about the camp. I don’t even know what kind of attire I should be going in. Dang. As I’m writing this, I’m actually waiting for the call from my student leader to give me the damned details. Oh well. If the call doesn’t come in today, I’m pretty sure I’ll be calling into school to ask about the details tomorrow then.

Man I honestly cannot wait for school to start. I mean, seriously. Months of rotting has done nothing good to my brain. Right now, I really just need a spark to light up my brain again. Plus, I need to shake off the cobwebs and dust off the gears to my functioning brain.

Honestly though, yesterday it suddenly occurred to me that it’s really strange that females just cannot help ourselves but to buy every pair of shoes that we think is nice. I don’t even understand why. I mean, men just buy a new pair of shoes when their current pair starts falling apart. But, no, women just doesn’t do that. Why? I don’t know, maybe it’s just because it’s actually much more difficult for us to find a pair of shoes that fits for all types of outfit. I suppose that’s it. But then again, why is it that women has to go through the trouble of buying so many different type of clothes? There’s like, blouses, shorts, trousers, skirts, dresses and clothes like that. Sigh.

Okay, I’m just being shallow. I know exactly why. But still, the frustration is still there in my mind. And it’s not all that easy to forget about the difference. Oh well.

I guess that sums up my post, because I honestly don’t know what else to write about. Plus, my headache isn’t making it any easier for me either. Yup.



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