I’m tired, I’m sleepy, I’ve just finished watching an odd show and I’m just giving some updates on these couple of days and my emotions right now. So, pardon me if I don’t make any sense. Oh, and if I sound too excited, I really am not all that excited.

Hello there! I know, it hasn’t exactly been a week… Though I’m worried that by the time this post gets published, it will pretty much be… I don’t even know why in the world I typed that in. Oh my goodness. Sorry, my thoughts are literally all over the place right now.

Righto, I’m just… doing a quick post before I head to bed and get some sleep before school officially reopens for me tomorrow. Honestly, it’s really odd though, seeing as school isn’t really the same as I knew it to be from tomorrow onward. I’m a little worried actually. Maybe slightly more than a little.

I had Freshmen Orientation Program (FOP) last week, and… it was… really interesting. I cannot find any other words to describe the entire experience, and I think the best word to describe it would actually be ‘interesting’. I still don’t have any grasp of what school would be like, and I guess… I’ll know soon. Right, I’m really not in the mood to actually give a description to what has happened, but… In general, the program has been pretty fun.

On Good Friday, I went back to work and had quite some fun actually. And after work, I met up with da friends and had dinner together. For the simple reason of not knowing anywhere else to go, we pretty much went to one end of the country just to have dinner. Well, luckily for us, dinner was quite delicious, and we had fun catching up too. So, yeah… I did have quite a good Friday. I honestly always enjoy hanging out w/ my friends, even if it’s just a meal. I mean, John’s stories are always the best. Not to mention, he had basically spent slightly more than five minutes trying to collect himself from dying of laughter. It’s hilarious watching him, honestly. And we all took turns carrying David’s ridiculously heavy bowling ball. Hahaha.

Saturday was the… slightly out of the norm wasted day. I was working in the evening, and I had basically just spent my entire morning/afternoon on Tumblr. But seriously, I don’t really have much regrets on that. Plus, I quite enjoyed my time listening to mixes on 8tracks. Up until this very moment, I still don’t understand why I didn’t explore this website sooner. Some mixes are honestly goooood. 🙂

Today was yet again another ordinary Sunday. I went out with mom for most of the day, visited my grandmother and socialized with my cousin. 🙂 And then we went grocery shopping for dinner and stuff.

I didn’t have the chance to write about this, actually. Since Wednesday, I had wanted to buy a certain meal back from the food court near my place before the food court closes. But I never had the chance because… It was raining on Wednesday and other plans were made for the other few days. So, I didn’t really get the chance to have the meal that I wanted. The irony was that… Today, when I thought that I’d never have the chance to have this particular dish anytime soon (because the food court’s last day is today), mom and I went to get takeaway for that dish, for dinner. Ha!

I don’t know why I just shared that to you guys. It’s probably mundane as heck and you’re probably wondering why you’re reading this too.

Anyhoo, school’s starting in less than twelve hours; I’ve just finished watching the first episode of Fargo about half an hour ago, I still have no idea what’s going on; I really should be sleeping but I’m not making any effort to go just yet; I’m more than a little worried about the first day of school tomorrow. I swear to god, first day at school is always the most awkward day, ever. Period!

Okay, I better get going. Wish me luck for tomorrow. (It just got midnight. I’m still ‘stuck in’ Sunday.)



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