Late Emotion Reflections!

I’m back to write about my first week of school, which (I hope) explains the title of this post, because… I’m writing it days late. I just didn’t have time to write over the weekend okay! I have Nat Geo Wild on right now and they’re talking about giant otters. They definitely DO NOT look cute, oh my goodness. Um, I don’t know why I’m writing about that in this post’s intro/disclaimer. Anyway, all content in this post will be all my thoughts and opinions, I know people may or may not agree with me. But just, bare with me.


I’m back from the first day of week two! I had actually contemplated on whether or not I should write my blog post this afternoon during my lunch break, but I thought against it because… I’m pretty sure half an hour wouldn’t be able to complete this post. And if I do happen to repeat what I’ve already written last week, please just bare with me if you want to.

(Now it’s showing hella scary piranhas killing other animals and even biting of human fingers or toes, bone and all. Scary!) 

(Update: vultures are just as scary, oh my goodness. And I’ve just changed the channel. Now I’m watching the episode of The Graham Norton Show w/ Benedict Cumberbatch in it. :D)

The other day, my mom was just asking me how I’m coping with the new schooling environment. And… It got me thinking. The only thing that I’m not all that used to is more of… the freedom that came together with the new environment. I mean, yeah. Well, if you’re not familiar with how this little red dot’s education system is like…. Polytechnics is kinda like…. university but we’re all studying for diplomas instead of Bachelor’s degree. So… It’s actually really, really different from school as I know knew it.

(I can’t stop watching the television. Completely no focused on this post. Whoops. Oh my god, Benny’s otter meme is soooooo cute!)

I mean, well, school as I knew it basically is just filled with rules, regulations, uniforms and things like ttion, hat… It’s been horrible. And I don’t know, I’ve always hated the lack of freedom, but it didn’t really hit me until schooling freedom is returned to me. In that case, it’s now that I’m talking about. I’m not all that used to not wearing uniforms to school. I mean, yeah, I’ve grown up with the culture that it’s more or less mandatory to wear uniforms to school… So… not wearing uniform is, of course, something that I’m pleased with but…

Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t even know why I’m not even used to that, actually.

Oh, guess what’s another thing that I’m not used to? The fraking ass huge campus! Okay, seriously, I don’t really mind it. But it kinda does stink that I have to walk so fracking ass far for my lectures and tutorials. 😦 Well, either way, there really isn’t much to be getting used to there. I’ll just have to deal with it anyhoo.

The next one is probably going to make you laugh. I’ll hint a little, and let’s see if you’ve guessed what it is yet. 😛

In the small island of the little red dot, everyone wants only one thing to escape from what outdoors entails. One thing. Have you guessed what the thing is? Have you guessed it yet? Because all almost everyone wants is air-conditioning, EVERYWHERE. It’s all that I wanted when I was in secondary school, because the rules mandates us to wear a tie together with a blouse. You have no idea how long it took before I got used to the heat that the tie brings. Now that I’ve got air-conditioning in every room that I have classes in, my body is starting to reject it. Well, more like my body just haven’t gotten used to it. I mean, it isn’t all that surprising anyway. I get sick from sleeping in air-conditioned room for more than a couple of months. Right now, I’m in the situation of being in an air-con room for a couple of hours and then out in the heat for one-two hours. I don’t see how my body can get used to it without falling ill first.

That totally stinks, alright. :X

Apparently, today, the lecture theater was really cold. But luckily for me, I barely felt it because I wore my jacket. Hee.

And yeah, school schedules is just… so much more ‘flexible’ with all the breaks in between… I actually really am liking school. Although, like I mentioned, I still haven’t figured out what’s the most suitable time to wake up every morning just so that I won’t be too early, neither would I have too much free time in the morning. Oh well.

I think I’m done with my post today, I’ve written all that I think from school. o.o Oh, I also seriously prefer having lectures in the lecture theater than in the classrooms, HONESTLY. Sigh. Oh well.

I’m outta here. Gotta fill my stomach right now. Damn, I’m hungry.



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