I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for a couple of weeks now. The urge to write about this topic came to mind only during a conversation while having a friend. I’m not even sure when exactly that particular conversation took place. But, just a small little “warning”…. In this course of this post, I may or may not sound like myself, if you know me in real life, or if you’ve read my blog enough. However, rest assured that it is indeed me writing, and that everything I’ve written are heartfelt. 

friend [frend] noun

a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard; a person who gives assistance; 

a person whom is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile

Today, I’ll be writing about friends. It has recently come to my attention that… I’ve been a little way too subtle about certain things, one of them being my appreciation for all my friends.

I’ve always been a person who find it difficult to find friends. And when I say friends, I meant by friend friend, not just acquaintance. Sure, it’s easy to make acquaintances but it certainly isn’t considered easy to find a friend. Honestly, this has completely slipped off my mind until I realised that I’ll be entering a new educational institute. I didn’t realised this ‘issue’ until orientation, when I just found it really hard to make small talk with people. I mean, honestly, how do you people even do it?!

So, yes, I’m the kind of person who don’t make friends easily. I suppose, it’s partially my fault for having such a fierce and unapproachable face, but there’s nothing I can do about that, really. And because of this, I don’t have many friends. As such, I honestly do value my friends – especially the super close best ones. I’ll admit, I honestly do not have many best friends. I actually didn’t really felt like I did until about… two years back. But, that’s besides the point. I’m most certainly going out of point at every sentence. Dang it. 

As I’ve mentioned in the previous paragraphs, I don’t make friends easily, and I honestly appreciate all the friends that I have right now.

I’m extremely well aware that I’m not the nicest person to be around with because… I tend to take things slightly more seriously and most of the time, I’m way louder and fiercer than I meant to be. I know I have all these issues, I know, it’s just not that easy to change. And honestly, I’m just really grateful that you lot, despite my horrifyingly strong character, still continue to take the time and effort to have proper conversations with me, to listen to me even though I’m more than 90% sure that every time I talk, it’s just extremely boring. Simply put, I’m grateful that you guys would bother to just talk to me. Honestly.

Maybe it’s because I spend too much time alone, and I am, more or less, usually the one who would be standing by the fence watching all the things that’s going on. To be in this sort of position, it’s usually quite lonely (which is also the reason why you’re freaking there). But, the fact that you guys would metaphorically ‘come to the fence’ to talk to me, that’s just amazing on it’s own.


So basically, this post is dedicated to all my close friends out there who bothers to remember my birthday, come all the way over from school just to meet me at a cafe near my place, go all the way down to town just to have dinner with me so that I won’t spend my birthday night alone, squeeze out time from school just to meet up for a meal or even the simplest gesture of whatsapp-ing me and all that stuff. I really just want to thank you guys for being such great companies, for allowing me to have so much fun, and continue to make me feel slightly more needed in this world.

Thank you for being such great, fantastic friends.

and may we all continue to be friends for many, many years ahead! 

Gosh, I can’t even say this enough because I really am just soooooo grateful. And my brain is really sleepy and no longer functioning, hence, I really can’t think of anything else to write.

With Gratitude,



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