The date is going to be showing Saturday, but it actually is Friday night in my mind. And Inception is actually playing on the TV, so I might actually be distracted and not making any sense at all. But as usual, I’m just a teen trying to voice my opinions. 🙂 


Remember how last week I was talking about how little sleep I got and how vicious the cycle got? Yeah, well, this week, I’ve been actively doing the flip side. I try to get cracking on my homework as soon as I’m done with dinner, but no! Something in my brain just clicks and tells me to see if there’s anything on the TV to watch. And hence, the reason why I watched Inception, even though I’ve watched it so many times before. I mean, seriously, I really need to stop giving into my temptations.

So, to start off this week’s post, which is much later than usual… I’ve been having a lot more sleep this week. I make myself go to sleep by midnight every night. Well, except tonight, of course. But still. But actively avoiding my work and just going to sleep early is making me feel really guilty though. Because most nights, I may or may not have finished my tutorials, and instead of finishing up, I just go to sleep. Or, I should be doing something in advance, but no. I chose sleep. I don’t actually know if it’s a good thing or not, but yeah, that’s basically what has been happening. My crazy sleep schedules. I’m actually more than a hundred percent sure that next week my sleeping schedule is going to be all messed up again.


So, this week started off really, really bad. And this bad emotions actually all started on Sunday where I basically just slacked my arse off and watched Sherlock instead of doing revision. Yes, I chose to watch Sherlock instead of revise my work even though term tests are coming in slightly more than a week. It’s horrific, I swear to god. I’m pretty sure there is definitely something wrong with my brain in the connections of prioritizing my work. But on the other hand, I did finish all the work that I needed to hand up this week, so, yeah, that’s a plus side.

Right, so the week actually started out really, really bad. And eventually getting better. Monday was really the worst out of the entire week, even though Fridays are getting worse. But Monday are definitely the worst. That unmotivated feeling really made me want to kill myself. But then again, I really don’t do such things. So, I’m really just saying.

Tuesday has been much, more interesting. I went around gossiping, laughing and I even had a test which I’m fairly confident on. I really, really hope that I get what I expect myself to get. But oh well, I won’t know till next Tuesday. Actually, even as I’m typing this, I’m falling asleep already. It’s probably another sign that I should probably go to sleep instead of study. Which I actually really might do. I’ll just wake up earlier tomorrow to do the chores and start early on my damned revision and tutorial. Oh and the quizzes.

Wednesday was interesting too because I went to site with my group members to observe a plot of land. It was interesting, and.. fairly funny. But, yeah.

Thursday was definitely the best day out of my entire week. Yoga was insane this week, my arms are aching right now. I’m currently observing how sore it is and how long it will be sore for. So, yeah, more updates about that to come next week. Oh wait, I might not blog next week… Hang on, let me explain about that later.

Thursday was great because I met up with some of my secondary school mates at the library (we booked a room) and we really, really had a great time. I swear to god, it really was the highlight of my week. And being happy from there, I went to TM meeting being really happy too. And I talked to a lot more people today and even found a guy that watches Sherlock too!! I cannot even believe it! So, yeah. It was my best day.

Friday was great too. But definitely not as great as Thursday. Lectures was insane. I mean, really. It was so darn noisy, and almost kinda useless. x.x Meh. But I went over to my grandmother’s house after school to have dinner, and actually kinda had a fun time with my cousin doing my quiz. LOL. So yeah, there is a plus side to doing quizzes… I guess?


Right, so, I know this week’s post is probably really, really boring. But I just wanna say…. I’m gonna be putting my priorities to my term tests, so… I would most probably not be blogging next week because y’know, I really, really need to be catching up with my revision. So, yeah. I will be going into hardcore study mode from tomorrow onwards. (I really am going to sleep ‘earlier’ tonight and wake up earlier tomorrow.)

You’ll probably see me back….. On the Friday two weeks after!

Off I go!



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