Term Freaking Break!

Hello guys. I’ll probably end up ranting at some part of the blog post. I might not because… I want to go back to watching Star Trek into Darkness. (It’s probably like the millionth time I’ve watched it, but whatever.) And…. Yup. I’m just a kid who’s voicing opinions.

Greetings everyone! Anyone missed me over my last week of MIA? Whoops, I’m so sorry about that. Well, I actually aren’t. I actually really needed the time to do something else that could’ve possibly be more productive. You have no idea how long it actually takes me to write a blog post. Oh well.

This week has been…. /the best week of the entire term/! my ass!! I don’t really know if it can be classified as the worse week, but it most definitely is one of the most tiring weeks ever. I’ve never slept consistently past 1 o’clock on school nights before. Especially on nights before my test papers. So, where I study in, they call these mid-semester tests as common test. Sometimes I call it term tests. But heck, you can call it whatever you want. But, yeah, they’re basically the same thing. It’s like, a mid-year thing, but it really isn’t because… now my semesters have taken a huge shift. I don’t even know where I’m going with that.

Well, you’ll have to pardon me. It’s actually hella late, my parents are asking me why I’m not sleeping yet, and… I’m sleepy but I want to watch STID. I don’t know why. I just feel like watching it.

Anyway, so… Yes. The week has been insanely tiring and I honestly dislike afternoon papers because it really just drains out all my energy and I can barely even stay awake to prepare for my next paper. Well, I only have myself to blame because… some papers, I really tried to cram everything on the night before and we all know how last minute cramming doesn’t work for me… So…. yup. T^T

It was a long and arduous week and I’ve survived it, bearing some good news. That being said, I won’t reveal them because… idk, some people may take it the wrong way or something. I’m just glad that I’m done with this week and I’ve got a camp and meet ups to look forward to!

Speaking of which, there was this make-up class for my interdisciplinary studies module today because we were one week behind (from public holiday), and guess what?! More than half the class didn’t even show up! And… today I realised yet again that I’ve yet to fully explore campus. Ok, that you really can’t blame me, my school campus is honestly way too big. I actually have not been to the engineering sections because dang, that’s hella far away and it’s UP the slope. I mean, who got the energy to climb up? Plus, without climbing slopes, I’m already perspiring buckets, imagine if I did take exploration to a higher level.

Oh yes, so returning to my make-up class today which was three hours after the end of my paper… I couldn’t find the venue of the class, because I’ve never been to that freaking block. And I actually never knew that the blocks of two schools were actually joined. Meh, I just don’t go exploring that side of school… Right, so, more than half the class didn’t turn up, and trust me, lecture ended so fast I barely remembered what happened. But then again though, it was much more interactive though, with all the extra noise taken away.

After which I went to look for WH. Okay, technically I didn’t look for her, I was waiting for her. And um, yup, because she was having her last term test. And, while waiting, I managed to do up parts of my assignment which I realised just two hours ago that… it couldn’t really be used because of the lack of certain information.. 😦 And I had to re-look for a different development altogether. But well, I’m done with it, finally, and I can enjoy the rest of my weekend! Well, actually… I can enjoy for the next 5 days!

So we had a really, really late lunch. And went to meet up with the other two mad girls. And…. um, I got new coloured pens for my revision purposes. Let’s hope they’re useful. LOL. And, um, we had ‘dinner’. It was a really early dinner for me, considering the time that I have dinner every day. In fact, I’m actually starting to get hungry already. 😛

Anyhoo, we landed ourselves at McD, which is… pretty awesome because, we laughed so hard at jokes that we just.. idk, make up on the spot? I don’t even know how we do it. LOL. And I realised that, every time I uncontrollably laugh, I end up getting a sore throat or losing my voice. Yes, so, apparently laughing’s the second reason why I’d lose my voice, other than actual sickness. It’s kinda sad, but then again, it’s sort of like an indication that I’ve had a good time spending time with a certain group of people. So, that’s pretty awesome by itself. 😀 And yes, I did thoroughly enjoy myself tonight! ^^

The bus I took to get home was insane though. I had to stand and wait for more than twenty minutes for a freaking bus. It’s bloody ridiculous, and I believe the waiting time for this bus service is getting worse. Why hasn’t anyone complained yet?! I mean, how is it acceptable?! There was actually this auntie who was waiting in front of me, checking her phone for the bus timing every few seconds. Yeah, auntie, I feel you man. It’s honestly irritating when bus services trolls you? Sorry if I’m coming off as a typical Singaporean because we complain a lot. But, is this kind of service really worth the price that we’re paying for?

Alright, I’ll just end it off here. I’ve got to wake up early to meet Fio tomorrow. I’m actually still planning as to what I’m gonna do to entertain myself while she studies. LOL.

Right, I’ll be off then. I hope this week’s post a little more… interesting? I don’t know, it feels boring to me. Meh. I’ve got nothing more to talk about. Not as of yet.




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