I had originally planned to write this last night,  but because halfway through writing the post, I actually did doze off. So, I though, forget it, I’ll write it today. So… the first three paragraphs are actually written last night. I know, there probably wouldn’t be any continuity but um, yeah, I’m still pretty sure that my post still may not make any sense, as usual. 

Hello guys! Yes, I’m well aware that it has been less than a week since my last post, but since I’m back a day earlier from camp and I’m miraculously still awake, I decided to do up this blog post before my body muscles start aching. I also would like to mention that, I probably would be writing another post next week, but… yeah, this post is solely based on the camp that I’ve just returned from.

So… Ever since joining NP, I have decided to join this CCA called Toastmasters. Yes, I’m almost certain that you’d think we toast bread, but honestly, no we don’t. If you really do want to find out more, just go click on the word and get more information about what we do. So I thought, as a way to motivate myself as well as everyone else, I’ve just made a decision to kind of share my progress as a speaker on this blog. Hopefully, I will remember to do so, although the odds are very low. Either way, I’m just trying to start this so that… I myself as well as everyone else can see how a simple commitment into a CCA can actually change yourself and let yourself grow.

For the past two days, I’ve been to NPSTMC’s June Bonding Camp. And I have to say, it was pretty darn awesome! Various crazy shit went on, but it wasn’t surprising and it was definitely an enjoyable camp. I mean, I even lost my voice! Okay, for people who don’t know me all that well? I normally do not lose my voice at a camp unless there were a lot of cheering at camps OR I was really having fun and there were many instances where I could actually laugh that loud that my voice is starting to run away. Either way, when I lose my voice at camps, it really means that I’ve had fun. 🙂 That’s really what’s the most important, isn’t it?

Right so, the camp started out slower, starting out with ice-breaker games as well as speech marathon where most of the freshies managed to finish our project 1. Yesssss, I’m done with my P1~ Ok, yes. Um, yeah, it was sort of impromptu because I had to superimpose my new ideas into the original draft that I had written on the night before. But, yeah, that’s all over and um, there were various other project speakers. I don’t even remember much because all I really remembered was… speeches. Heh.

I’m actually trying to think of what to say right now. Oh right, so the speech marathon happened after lunch. And then after the speech marathon was um, our area governor’s workshop. It was kind of like a self-discovery workshop with this personality test. Okay, the online version of the quiz is actually not the one that I actually took. But um, it’s similar, I guess? So, yeap, just try it out. 🙂 It really was interesting though, because uh, yeah, I got to know what kind of a person I really am which ultimately didn’t turn out that surprising.

And so, after that, we had dinner and during dinner, there was a movie screening of a Johnny English movie. I think it was Johnny English Reborn? Yeah and subsequently was basically the night stuff at the Loft, which is like the ‘hostel’ of our school, I guess? I don’t even know what it’s called. Anyhoo, the girls were really unlucky to get the apartment w/o any airconditioning in the living room? So we actually did have to split and sleep in the separate rooms. But then again, it was probably better that way. Because, some of them stayed in the apartment while the rest of us went upstairs to the common room for board games and slightly more bonding stuff. So, yup. We totally would’ve disturbed them if we actually did get to sleep in the living room because like two of us came back only at five in the morning. Whoops.

So yes, our area governor introduced us to this game that’s basically the murderer game, but with a different spins to it. Like, the murderer is actually the werewolf, and then there were the villages with different powers and stuff. Yeah, it was really fun. We played four rounds and three out of four rounds I had like those ‘power cards’. It was hilarious, like seriously hilarious. LOL. Oh well. We were kinda too noisy and disturbed the other people though. 😛 I’m so sorry to people who were trying to sleep. 😦

The later part of night was… honestly much less games because games make people noisy and much more talking. Like, our area governor was sharing stuff? I don’t know how but we kind of went from supernatural stories to religious stuff. Hmm… Odd but really interesting at the same time. I never got to say this but our area governor actually really reminded me of my Choir conductor from secondary school. I don’t know why, but yeah. So, hmm… Yeah, that basically wrapped up the first day/night.

The second day started out WILD. Like, I was woken up by the noise and… yeah. But I really didn’t take part in the morning activity because it was dizzy and running and WET. Like, gosh. You guys woke me up for this? But yeah, it was kind of fun.

So… summarizing the second day? It was just… a hell lot of running, yelling and digging. Yeah. I’m too lazy to write out all the activities. 😛 But, it was fun but at the same time extremely tiring. I mean, yeah, because we were playing under the hot scotching sun and half the time I was dying from my headache because scotching sun and me don’t go along very well. So yeah, during the whole digging part, my group member and I were like, “I’m dying from heat stroke……” “yeah man, me too.” Yup. :X

Dinner and the game after dinner was just, hilarious. Oh my god it was honestly hilarious. I think I actually REALLY only lost my voice then. Dinner was hella delicious. LOL. Okay, so basically we played this ‘storytelling’ game where everyone can only say one word to form a story. You know that game? I’m sure you do. And the first story turned out hilarious because I couldn’t think of anything and said chicken LOL. And yet the theme of the story was hunger. LOL. I’m so sorry guys, it was the first word that came into my mind. So yeah, in the end, our story’s main character was a chicken who was also a moose. Hahahhahahah.

The second one was even more amazing. LOL. From toasted bread into something with porcupine in it. I swear to god, it’s so ridiculously hilarious. 😀 And then there was the whole feedback session and phototaking session with everyone taking photos & all. Hahaha. And yeah, then home. Hahahha. It was an awesome camp and, yeah, I kinda wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

This is… the end of my camp episode post. LOL. I’m going to make something to eat. I’m so hungry.

Till next time!


/edit: I forgot to write about my speech. But meh, I’m lazy to now. 😛


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