Great Company.

This is probably going to end up sounding like something that enables people who’re procrastinating, but trust me, it really isn’t. At least I moved my ass and studied for a module today! It’s really nothing to be proud of because technically I didn’t finish what I wanted to, but at least I made progress.

Hello everyone! Yes, I know, I kind of did mention that I will be blogging again sometime last week, but unfortunately… I really couldn’t find the energy in me to do so, especially since I didn’t even do anything productive last week. All I really did was just to stay in bed, watch movies and hang out with friends. Yeah, that accurately sums it up. And even today, I wasted half a day finishing season 6 of The Mentalist, which I’m proud to say that I’ve finished it in two days, I think. πŸ˜€

So, remember how I only managed to finish last week’s post on Wednesday morning? I think on Wednesday itself, I watched 3 movies. Well, technically it’s rewatching two and watching a new one. I believe, if I’m not wrong, I rewatched Star Trek Into Darkness and Pitch Perfect. And later in the night, in the early morning, I watched Her. Yes, I know it actually sounds kind of funny. Well, it actually really isn’t meant to be funny.

Anyway, after watching this particular movie, I really don’t understand why it was so thoroughly trashed during the Oscars that happened earlier this year. I believe I did write my Oscars post already? Ok, I don’t even remember. But yeah, I have thoroughly fallen in love with this movie. It’s a very different movie, and in fact, I actually really like the cinematography of Her. I mean, yeah. Maybe I really liked it because it sort of foresees what will become of our world in the future. All these Artificial Intelligence thing? I mean, of course, I had my own questions throughout the movie, like whether or not Sam would talk to anyone else when Theodore wasn’t talking to her. I don’t know, did you actually have these kind of questions? Or was it just me? o.o Either way, I loved the movie thoroughly. Not to mention the soundtrack too! In fact, I can’t stop listening to this two tracks that somebody has kindly stitched them together. The link’s here.

In the last two weeks, I’ve watched two of the movies that I’ve yet to watched and honestly, I loved this one a lot more than the other. (Psssst, the other movie I watched was The Wolf of Wall Street. No please, don’t bash me. I really just didn’t like it.) I mean, yeah, maybe it’s just me… but when I have to tolerate a movie till the end? I know I really don’t like it. Especially since throughout the movie I was waiting for something BIG to happen, which actually didn’t. I was thoroughly disappointed at the movie, but anyhoo, kudos to Leonardo DiCaprio who did a fantastic job is making me feel that your character is a thorough jerk.

So yes, I wasted my Wednesday away by watching movies and napping. Hey, you can’t blame me alright, I was tired from camp! Especially with all the muscle aches. >.< Thursday was much more interesting. I went out to meet up with Yanrong and catch the movie TFIOS. If you don’t know what it is, seriously, get out of your cave. TFIOS was good too!! I really did sob like a baby! But then again, I get emotional and sob like a baby really easily while watching movies? I mean, yeah, I cried like a baby while watching Her, Gravity, and many more that I cannot remember. So, yup…. It was totally expected.

But then again, I wasn’t the only one. The theatre I was in? It was COMPLETELY silent, with random sobs periodically. I mean, I can literally hear like people seated behind me crying and sobbing. So… yeah, it was pretty damn cool. Yanrong cried really bad too. LOL. Oh well, it’s like this movie was meant to be for crying. Scratch that, it was a good movie anyhoo. Catching up with Yanrong was fun, as usual. Lacked a little of our usual laughters, but, the movie had rocked us from our usual mood so, yup.

Friday… I went out with Fanta 5. Well, technically not, because one guy’s missing. But whatever and yes, we watched X-Men. DAMN IT WAS GOOD!!! And yes, I did watch movies at the cinema on two consecutive days. No, I am not rich… actually I’m hella broke right now. But, oh well. Both movies were really good so. Yup. And man was it nice to finally catch up with these guys. πŸ™‚ And I’m really, really grateful for Joanne, coming out to meet me just for the afternoon because I was lonely in town. πŸ™‚

Saturday was completely insane but extremely fun at the same time! Well, throw in awkward into the list too. So, I went for our division’s TM Achievers’ Day, which was kind of awkward because I’ve joined for less than six months… But damn, somehow, everyone didn’t really seem to mind… It was still kind of awkward, but I did learn an interesting thing about the local TM clubs. Hmm, nope, I’m not sharing. πŸ˜› Anyway, yeah, NPSTMC won 2 awards :D. Congratulations again you guys!

And, um, yeah, it was crazy because they had the entire club go on stage and take photos together. And we were the only student club around, with the most people attending too. It was absolutely out of my mind. And so yeah, we’re the youngest but also the noisiest bunch around. And we spent a lot of time after the event taking photographs. πŸ˜€ Check my instagram if you’re interested. πŸ™‚ Anyway, yeah, after the whole awards thing, they went to watch TFIOS, which I already did. So… Sadly I couldn’t join them. 😦 But oh well. I still felt thoroughly loved because never have I ever had to hug to many people before leaving for my train. And, never have I ever had friends standing by the train doors waving me goodbye. It was crazy, but absolutely heartwarming and damn it made my day. πŸ™‚ I really regret nothing. ^^

Sunday was slightly different. Met up with my project group to start on our project, and as much as I hated travelling all the way over to the airport, it was definitely a new experience. The airport’s MRT station is so pretty! I mean, yeah, seriously. And I realised that recently I haven’t been able to get the right songs to listen to. It’s really bothering me because I end up skipping songs throughout my entire ride. Sigh. Anyway, homemade dinner by my mom is the best!! Last night was very interesting, but… yeah, basically we spammed the TM group. But oh well. πŸ˜› my senior watches The Mentalist! That’s just too awesome because this show’s too damn underrated. πŸ˜€

And so, yes, I watched 12 episodes in slightly more than 12 hours because I took a nap in between. Well, it wasn’t voluntary. My body just went to sleep because I was too tired. Err…. So yup, I finished the series, I’m really happy with this season, especially the last episode πŸ˜€ And seriously though, The Mentalist is the first show that I’ve watched that hasn’t disappointed me up till this very moment. It’s been 6 seasons and it’s still so damn good! I think they’re switch into FBI was really good! At lease it’s something fresh from the last five seasons. πŸ˜€

‘Right, I shall stop promoting this show. πŸ˜› I shall… go pick one episode to rewatch later and maybe watch a movie. I HAVEN’T DECIDED ON WHAT MOVIE. #crap

Till next week!



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