Obsession or Keeping Sanity?

I don’t know if I’ll actually be making much sense in this post, because if you haven’t actually realised, I really don’t proof-read my posts. Yeah, I’m lazy like that 😛 Anyway, I don’t really remember if I’ve ever written about this before, but… I thought, why not bring it back and write a proper post? So yes, here are my thoughts about TV shows, movies and books. 

Hi guys!

Yes, I know it hasn’t been a week, but I thought… Why not write up another post, considering it’s my last week of term break. This actually came into my mind earlier tonight when I was out with my secondary school class girls for dinner. Speaking of which, thank you Sheryl, Ayesha, Rachel, Celine, SY, WH for the awesome night! And, somehow the topic of watching television dramas came into talks and the reaction from Sheryl actually got me thinking.

As all of you definitely already know… I am a Sherlockian, a proud one at that. 😛 And, um, I really am not afraid to show it because the show is just so damn freaking awesome. But, I stopped and thought for a minute. Why is it that one show can evoke such emotions into me? Why is it that one show can bring together so many different fans together to form a fandom? This is literally not going be of any link to what my main point is. 

And probing further into this… I thought, why is it that we watch/read the stories and shows that we do? Why is it that we get so absorbed into these stories that we end up ignoring the world’s that happening around us?

So yeah, I was thinking about this in the shower… And then I realized why I do it.

I lose myself in the books and shows that I read and watch because I want to, because I choose to. Maybe it’s just the simple reason that I’m deprived of my life. I don’t know. But since last December, I realized that whenever I’m unhappy or feeling emotional and shitty, I turn to turning on my laptop and watching shows and movies. More often than not, I tend to rewatch Sherlock. And I turn to watching these shows and movies because I want to lose myself into these stories, I want to be a part of the story, a part of the exciting adventures.

I don’t even know whether I’m making any sense. :X And obviously, I don’t know if this is actually how it is for everyone else, but I guess… this is how it works for me.

I delve into movies and television dramas because these stories are ones that I will never be able to experience in my life, but at the same time, I would love to have these experiences. And by watching these movies and dramas… I get the best that I can from it. I guess, that’s the reason why I tend to cry while watching movies.

I cried while watching Gravity because of the helplessness that Dr Ryan Stone was in, the way her mind puts up a fiction of the other astronaut to keep fighting for her life. I even teared a little while watching Captain Philips because by watching the movie, I got to feel how surreal he must’ve felt when suddenly he’s in a pod filled with dead bodies. I cried while watching The Great Gatsby because I felt sad, that even when Jay Gatsby died, he believed that she had called when she didn’t even give a shit. I cried a lot while watching The Reichenbach Fall (Sherlock) because it’s just so damn sad (it really is self-explanatory if you do watch the show.). I couldn’t help but to cry at the end of 12 Years A Slave because, seriously. And so many more… but I can’t remember them all now.

These emotions evoked from movies and shows, are the ones that I cannot get from real life because… honestly, my life isn’t as exciting and colourful. From these entertainments, I got to live in the story, even if it’s just for an hour or two. It still made a hell lot of difference. Sure, these movies may not even be realistic, but who cares! We still felt it!

I mean, seriously, who cares whether or not it’s realistic when you’re watching a movie like Inception? You know it’s not bloody possible, not with our current technology anyway. But damn, if you do entertain the simple idea that this theory works, it would almost definitely go down like how it went in the movie. Which is exactly my point. Plus, some movies are really pretty damn realistic.

So, the reason why I react the way I do when talking about the television series or movies that I really love? It’s because I lose myself into these plots and characters, try to live as one of them and enjoy the adventures that they embark on. To embrace the emotions that they feel, that you’ll feel if you were part of the story. And I love it, because for that hour or two, I get to remove myself away from the world that I’m in, to go on an adventure that real life can never provide. For in those hours, I get to be someone else instead of plain ol’ boring Szeying who’s life ain’t anything interesting. For in those hours, I get away from all the troubles from this realistic world and keep myself from going crazy. (which is also where procrastination starts…)

I don’t know, maybe this is just me. But yeah, that’s how I feel about the shows and stuff that I watch. What do you think? Why do you enjoy watching movies and TV series? Leave a comment, or not, up to you. *shrugs* I actually really don’t know if I’ve made my point across. But… Yeah, I’ve got nothing more to add. (This is what happens when I think of contents to write in the shower and don’t put them down immediately after getting out.)

‘Til next time.


/edit: I just saw this on Twitter and I found it really, really appropriate. So…


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