Throw it out!

This post is most probably going to be written at different times of the day because I have a little spare time in the morning due to cancelled tutorial. So, in terms of continuity, it might get a little confused. But I’ll try my best.

Hello guys! Today, we gather around here to hear about the stories of me for this week. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been anything much to share this week.

It has been a.. slightly more interesting week because for REB students, it’s something called White Week. Officially it wasn’t even announced, but, this was what it is. On Monday and Tuesday, we had a kind of field trip..? Though I really wouldn’t exactly consider monday’s as a field trip, considering all we did was walk and take photographs. But it was also interesting, working with different people. 🙂

On Tuesday then, we had a tour around the facilities of a hospital. Which… really wasn’t much. But it was definitely an “out of the norm” day, because mom fetched me to the hospital, and fetched me off because we went for lunch together. For once, I didn’t have to climb the hill up to where my lecture was held because my dad drove all the way up. It was brilliant! Hahahaha!

Wednesday was a day of surprise. Because I did quite well for the paper that I was least confident of. Woohoo! um, yeah, and even though I ended earlier than the past two days, I still ended up procrastinating all day and did absolutely nothing. I honestly didn’t do anything until the time for #221Back was announced! In which then I was fangirling like nobody’s business. :p

Thursday was the crazy shit day. Well, if you haven’t already noticed, Thursdays are almost always the highlight of my week. As much as I have to wake up early in the morning for class at 8am and end at 9pm, it really isn’t that bad. Well of course, it had started as an absolute drag. But, as the day went on, it gets better. Which is frankly just, awesome.

After yoga yesterday, Denise and I went to open the library room that I had booked. And for the first half an hour that I was there, I don’t know why in the world I decided to go for a manhunt for the toastmasters who were on the same floor in the library. I think I must’ve been going mad. Plus, I was definitely cock-eyed. It took me four rounds around the library before I found the hidden senior. And it was really only by coincodemce because another guy was sitting four seats away from him.

It was just fun. And, this week, we had a lot of newcomers into the library room because somehow, they all decided to come and kill some time too! 😀 it was definitely fun! Last night’s chapter meeting was fun too hahahaha! Right, okay, so basically I had a fun Thursday. And I found a “long lost friend” after hitching a ride home from my friend’s mom because she lives just down the road. It’s honestly funny how she never realised. Hahahaha!

Today has been different. I only had one hour of lecture and…. Hehehe, I really just wanted to waste time and headed down to town for a couple of hours. Okay, originally I had planned to buy something, but in the end, I didn’t because they didn’t really have the colour that I wanted. Oh well. So, yeah, spent a couple of hours with Joanne and.. came back and crashed because I was just that tired. Surprisingly I didn’t have a full-out sleep though, it was still just a nap. I swear to god, never read fanfics and go on YouTube before you study. Because you’ll end up being like me right now, can’t drag my arse out of the bed to study. Damn. And I keep forgetting that I’ve got lecture tomorrow and that I can’t exactly sleep late? But, meh, whatever, I really have got to study at lease a subject today.

Throughout the week, I realised that how I hold myself around school really makes a difference to what kind of days I’ll be having. Instead of being tensed all the time, I found myself relaxing a little more, laughing and smiling a little more, joking around more.. and, it really does significantly make my day better.

So I guess it really just proves one thing.

Whatever shitty day that you might be having, it may not be because the events are absolutely horrible. It may just simply be because of how your mind viewed it. Maybe you can start by making an effort everyday to take away all these negativity from events happening on daily life, I’m almost pretty sure that your day will significantly be better, and you’ll feel better. 🙂

Throw out the negativity in your life to be happier! As easy as it sounds, with our human brain calibrated to have negative thoughts as reflex, it may definitely be way too difficult to throw it out completely. But we can try, can’t we? And try we will!

Hope you had a wonderful week, and I’ll write more next week! I’m sorry the front sounded like a diary entry. 😛



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