Random Sunday Fact Night.

This post was seriously inspired from my being bored and watching videos of YouTubers sharing 25 facts about themselves. And… I’m bored, don’t feel like doing anything academically productive. So, here I am.. sharing a couple of random facts that people don’t know about me, that… y’all probably don’t care either. 

Hi guys! This is totally me being random and bored… Having nothing else better to do, and just… suddenly feel like writing something that would let all you beautiful readers out there (I know you’re out there!) to know me a little better 😀

So… I guess my first random fact of the evening is that… I once had braces too! Well, I guess, to everyone who has known me since my primary school days would probably not find this very random. So yeah, I’ve had braces. And I’ve had it for four years! Eventually, because I had it for so long, when my dentist finally took it off, I thought that it was hella weird because all I could feel in my mouth was gum! I don’t know if people who’s never worn braces will ever understand this, but… yeah, that’s just how I felt because for the four years prior to that moment, all I felt in my mouth was wire! And at that time, I actually felt better with my retainers on because I really didn’t like how all I could feel was gum. Yeah, I know, that’s weird.

I got braces when I was nine, and… my braces experience wasn’t that bad. I mean, yeah, along the years I’ve always heard other people who got their braces after complain about how their teeth hurts like shit and they couldn’t ate anything and all? I’ve never actually had those problems. Well, okay, maybe when I first started having them on, because of the pressure, I couldn’t ate hard things? But after that, it didn’t hurt that bad anymore and I could eat anything I freaking want! But of course, it still hurt sometimes, especially when my dentist tightens the wire. God, those days after my monthly appointments are the worst because it’s timed at the point where I’ve finally gotten used to the newly added pressure, but now I have to go back to the dentist and add more pressure onto my teeth.

But then again, during those days when I had my braces, I always resisted eating fried chicken. Wait. I meant chicken. In those couple years, I think I had the least chicken. It’s partially because I couldn’t really bite the meat off the bones, but also because I thought it was the cause of why I was getting fatter. Up to this very day, I don’t know if chicken and their hormones are the cause, but… I still kind of avoid it, but not as much as before. I honestly don’t know how talking about braces ended up about me talking about my avoiding chicken. Whoops. 

Right so… I actually was the laziest patient my dentist could ever get actually. Y’know how at some point while having your braces, you’ve got to put on those tiny rubber band thing? I actually never had put them on before because they fucking hurt like shit! And also because they snap all the bloody time, I was too lazy to run to the toilet and replace them because damn, that’s just so troublesome. I think, in the end, even my dentist gave up hope. Oh wellz. I’m sorry doc, I really just hate those nasty little rubber bands.

Coming to think of it… More than three years has passed since I had my braces removed, and I’m still wearing retainers. Not to mention, I’m still being the lazy as fuck patient who always couldn’t be bothered to wear her retainers. Damn, no wonder I still have to wear my braces. *inserts laughing emoji here*


The second random fact of the evening… Hmm… Until recently, I’ve never really liked drinking tea. And specifically, English tea. Any freaking types of English tea, I really just couldn’t appreciate it. I can enjoy Chinese tea, I can also enjoy Japanese green tea, but I just cannot take English tea. And then a couple of weeks ago, I realised why.

When I make tea out of tea bags, I tend to just leave the bag in the cup after pouring hot water into it. And then I leave it there for, I don’t know, a couple of hours because I’m the type of person who cannot drink *hot drinks. So, I would leave it on the table to cool and I will tend to forget about it. By the time the cup of tea gets warm, the tea has already been over-brewed. And that’s why I originally couldn’t take drinking English tea.

I suppose the reason why I always can drink Chinese tea when I make it is because I generally make the tea in a French press before pouring it out to drink. So, after realising this fact, now I know how to make tea the way I can appreciate it. Except, I believe sometimes, I might be under-brewing the tea. *inserts another laughing emoji here* Because I would just soak the teabag into the cup of hot water for, I think, less than a minute, and then pull out the tea bag and put it somewhere safe so that later I can come back and make another cup of tea. The first cup is generally alright. But the second cup, logically will need more time before the water gets the tea, but because I’m just too damn lazy to stand and wait, I’ll just soak it for about the same time I did for the first cup, and drink it. So…. yeah, it’s probably under-brewed but whatever, I still enjoyed it. 🙂

Another thing that most people (here) don’t do is… I like to have my tea at night. I don’t like drinking it at any other times of the day. I only like making tea at night. Maybe it’s because I find daytime just too damn warm to have a cup of warm tea. Because the other time when I was telling my friends that I’m having a cuppa at around 9pm at night, they’re like “What?! You’re drinking tea at this hour?!” And I’m like, “yeah why the hell not?” Meh, I don’t know, I just like drinking my tea at night.


So yeah, here’s just two random facts of myself! I really didn’t except myself to write so much for the braces fact. o.o But there you go, an almost summed up story about my braces life then. Hahahaha. If I remember and if I’m just as lazy and bored next week, I might just write a couple more random facts about myself! 🙂



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