I’ve been sitting here for the past fifteen minutes trying to think up of something to write about, but… I’ve only been checking my phone for Whatsapp messages of getting accused for having boys. Seriously, for the very last time, I ain’t got no boy! Why is everyone accusing me of lying about not having a boyfriend. What the hell is going on with everyone. Anyway, I don’t know what in the world I’m gonna be writing, but… Just, bare with me. 

Hello guys!

Oh yes, um, so, basically on Sunday night, I wrote some freaking random facts about myself. I’m actually pretty keen on keeping the random Sunday nights, whether or not I’ll be revealing some facts about myself or… just typing out whatever thoughts that comes into my mind when I’m freaking ass bored on Sunday nights and don’t want to do anything academically productive. But, I really want to know if all you beautiful people reading are even remotely interested?

If you would just kindly leave a comment down below on whether or not you like this idea too, that would be really awesome! *double thumbs up*


I really have got nothing much to write today. This week was actually about the same as last week, just with a couple of variations. But there really isn’t anything much special. Of course the highlight of my week is still the awesome chapter meeting that happened on Thursday evening. It was hella epic because Isaac and Noah both had their heads shaved and they’ve gone bald. So basically everyone was going around touching their heads. It’s hilarious! And before the chapter meeting officially started, Noah and I were just fandom-ing, extremely noisily I might add. Megan and Kada were looking at us as if we had three heads cause they had absolutely no idea what were talking about, and we were just being mad noisy. Plus! Not to mention, Noah started fanboying over Jensen Ackles’ butt. So…. They gave even crazier looks at us. Whoops!

Right, and then everyone just laughed our arses off when Kada thought that I was asking him where he got his slippers from when I was asking YX where she got her shoes from. It was hilarious and everyone around us that knew what was happening just started laughing so darn hard. It was the best “before meeting” session ever!


And of course there were the more mundane things like Sheryll and I having our weekly crazy bus talks. Especially on Tuesday when we went home together and she was just.. talking nonsense. Hahaha. But it’s these conversations that I like a lot though, I don’t know why, but crap talks are always one of the best. 😀 Oh, but she ranted a lot to me too hahaha.

Also, another highlight of the week that happens on Thursdays is the library hanging out session w/ the 2e2 girls 😀 Which is also pretty crazy, but the dear WH managed to help me solve why I couldn’t get the answer for my final account. So… that totally my brain’s mistake hahaha.


Other parts of the week were… mostly the same stuff. Lectures and tutorials… Blah blah blah, it was actually kinda tedious, to be honest. I don’t even know what to write about anymore. Because… I was moving around, replying messages and stuff. It’s really, really distracting because my seniors are spamming all the different artists’ names that comes off our mind because there’s apparently some self-proclaimed challenge going on. And now I’ve forgotten what I had originally thought of writing. I think I had something along the lines of teenage relationships or something? But….

Meh, I can’t really think because my phone screen keeps flashing.


Anyway, um, just let me know if you guys actually would like me to write random Sunday stuff… I mean, it may or may not be interesting, but if you’re comparing it to the weekly posts that I’m doing… It could be very much more interesting? Oh crap, I’m supposed to be productive today but I’ve done nothing of that sort. Oh well. I’m posting this … five minutes before midnight! And I should be going to do my work, but….. We’ll see what happens!


‘Til next week! Sorry for the boring post this week x.x



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