Random Sunday Fact Night (Part II).

This is the continuation from last week’s random facts on Sunday night. I don’t know, I just feel like revealing a little more random facts about myself. I don’t even know why I feel like telling you guys all these. But, y’know, if you do like these random fact nights, do leave a comment below so that I can maybe do it more often! I don’t know, I just like telling people about myself. :O 

I, however, must first apologise for my grammar and all that because I’ve been watching too many of a specific kind of YouTube videos these days… And the sentences in my mind are literally framed in the way they speak. So, it’s really weird, and I really don’t speak like that. Though recently… It’s been starting to rub off my regular speech. :X

So last week I revealed that I’ve actually had braces for like, four years and that I couldn’t really appreciate English tea until a couple of weeks ago. I was thinking this week… I’ll tell something way more random and useless. Hahahaha, I don’t know, this fact really just came into my mind.

I actually don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this, I think I did… Well, I think during the start of this year, I finally got my new bed after telling my mother like the same time last year that my bed was faulty and the springs can all be felt? And heck yes, my bed’s so comfortable now! But my main point is not really about my bed. However, it’s related to it because I’m gonna give you a random fact about my bedsheets. So, when I moved to the place where I’m currently living in, I was really young. I think it was the end of my first year in Primary School. So back then, because I was so young, my bedsheets were bought to fit my age. So… Basically I have a Hello Kitty bedsheets and a Powerpuff Girls bedsheet.

Do you people even remember what Powerpuff Girls are? Hahahaha, because that stuff’s old. Like, the kids these days wouldn’t even fucking know what cartoon that is! I think they just stopped making more, didn’t they? Right, so a quick Google and Wikipedia search told me that the cartoon first aired in 1998 and had its final episode aired in 2005. And that the series has been rebooted and will the rebooted series will air in sometime 2016. Heck, I didn’t know that stuff would get rebooted. But then again, would kids these days even understand the context? I mean, seriously, I used to think that the Powerpuff girls were the coolest ever! Like, they’re just three freaking girls and they’re saving the world! That stuff’s hella cool!

I just remembered that about three weeks ago when term tests ended and I had dinner with the girls, we were just sitting at McDonald’s and suddenly we’re just randomly talking about all the childhood cartoons that we used to watch and really like. Powerpuff Girls was among the names of cartoons that have surfaced, along with the different cartoons like Danny Phantom, Teen Titans as well as the children’s show Hi-5. And we were just talking about like how, even if the kids these days knew about Hi-5, they won’t know about the awesome one that we watched because the cast has changed. As far as I know, ever since they changed the cast, I couldn’t even stand watching two minutes of it. But then again, maybe it’s just because I’m older now and all that stuff just doesn’t intrigue me like it did my younger self.

Even though I have a Hello Kitty bedsheets, I honestly don’t even remember if I liked Hello Kitty. I can only remember that as a kid, I had a lot of Hello Kitty toys. I used to have a blown up Hello Kitty balloon like thing that’s on a machine when can move? But I don’t even remember if I liked Hello Kitty. Because I remember that I never have sat through an episode of the Hello Kitty cartoon. Or even if I did, I never liked the cartoon because if I did, I would definitely remember it. So… My not remembering it is probably just a sign that… I guess I didn’t really like it? Plus, now that I’m older, looking at that kitty is just the strangest thing. Because I know in my mind that this cat can talk. But damn, this cat doesn’t even have a mouth! So… yeah. I think I used to take the kitty and ask my mom like, “where’s her mouth???”

So yes, I’m a teenager, and I have kiddy sheets. Man, I’m actually pretty proud of it. Though.. I do have more sheets now and I ain’t using these cartoon sheets that frequently anymore.


Another random fact that I’d like to share about myself is that… I cannot sit or lie on my bed when I’m in my day clothes. It’s like my personal law that when I’m in my day clothes, I will not go anywhere near my bed. Although, on most mornings, I forget about it and sits on a small corner of my bed. But then again, since it’s morning and my clothes are still fresh, I’m not that affected.

I don’t even know when this habit started. Oh, I think it’s because back in secondary school, my day clothes was actually my uniform. More often than not, my uniform is usually drenched in my own perspire from walking under the sun. From then, I made it a personal law that I have to bathe before getting anywhere onto bed because the whole sweat thing is just too disgusting. Can you even imagine when you lie on the bed at night and you roll on your stomach and smell something really, really bad? Gosh. :X

So yeah, the habit started from secondary school, and up until this very day, I don’t get on the bed until I change out of my day clothes. Which means, I would only get on the bed after showering, no matter what. Call me weird, but.. that’s really what I do.

Okay, I think that’s enough for this week… So, I think I’ll just end it here this week. Oh yeah, speaking of which, I’ve finally managed to decide that, I’ll just keep this column for random things on Sunday nights. 🙂

‘Til next week… 😀


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