Busy and Lost.

Hi guys!

I know, I know, this is officially a late post because my weekly posts are supposed to be posts from the weekdays. I’m so, so sorry about the late post! I actually completely forgot about it last night when I got back because I was preoccupied from a Korean (surprise, surprise!) variety show that Sheryll introduced me to on Thursday. And, I only remembered about, five minutes ago while I was doing my Economics tutorial. Yeah, I actually didn’t do anything last night because I was too tired and I ended up dozing off while watching the variety show as well as trying to scroll through Twitter before sleeping. It’s actually to the extent that I didn’t even plug my phone in to charge before falling asleep.

So yes, about my week… I don’t know how my week was, actually. I actually felt like I was constantly avoiding something or someone was going to come after me. I don’t even know anymore. My week was alright, I guess. Just had to go through all the lessons, pay attention and also to absorb as much as was taught. The only problem was that I couldn’t really pay attention all week, actually. My nose and throat were being a bitch, having STILL not recovered after a week of medicine. But then again, I haven’t been stopping and resting more, so… I’m not all quite surprised about that. But I would’ve expected my nose to just stop being blocked already.

But even after my blocked nose went away, I still couldn’t pay attention during lectures because everyone else was being fucking inconsiderate and just talking and talking. It was so fucking irritating I wanted to flip the lecture, especially on the last lecture of the week. Ugh. I can’t even. So yeah, thanks everyone who were talking for kind of ruining my Friday lecture.

I don’t know what else to write about anymore, actually. Thursday was a lot quieter than usual, but I still couldn’t get any work done because Sheryll decided to introduce me to the Korean variety show that I was talking about, which is about crime.


Okay, well, let me just explain why I just wrote that. Basically, I don’t watch Korean shows at all. I can’t really stand them because they’re very cliche. At lease, the ones that I’ve watched are. Which is what kind of sets it apart from the Japanese dramas that I have watched. So, yes, I don’t watch any Korean shows. But this show, this one is definitely something different. Maybe it’s because of it being crime, maybe it’s because of it being something different, something I’ve never seen before. But either way, this show is gooood.

Oh yes, and to explain the crime part. Majority of the shows I watch is actually about crime stuff, if you haven’t noticed already (then you probably deserve a slap because you really ought to be paying attention.)

OH, right, I almost forgot to write about it. This show is called Crime Scene. It’s a Korean variety show that sets up a solved crime case for Korean entertainment performers to solve the crime. A reenacted crime scene, set exactly the way the scene of the actual crime was found, a total of six suspects and one criminal within the 6. The aim of the suspects is to find out who the real criminal is. Thrown in with good humour, the show is pretty damn cool. Because these cases, interestingly enough, have huge twists. Which is definitely what I like most while watching crime-related shows. So, yeah. That was what I was occupied with yesterday, leading to my late post. 😛


I just remembered that on Tuesday night, I actually went out with my parents to have dinner with their friend. It was a very interesting night, and I don’t know why I even mentioned it. Hahahaha.

Okay… I should probably get going and either do my Economics (which is what I should be doing) or to finish the episode (because it’s interesting). Daaaamn.

But first, let me go and make something to eat.

I’ll write soon!

Oh! I just remembered that on Thursday during chapter meeting, one particular speaker was talking about porn. Yes, you didn’t read it wrongly. He talked about pornography. That was basically his speech actually. So… To sum up the inappropriate topics, last week we had a talk about sex, and this week about porn. I wonder it the trend will actually continue. Hahahah.



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