A short little dinner conversation sparked this thought up. I don’t even know how, but the more I thought about it, the more I remember. I don’t even know if that made any sense. I’m actually blogging a day early because I’m highly suspicious of me not being able to write something up by tomorrow. Oh wait, it’s past midnight, so regardless, it’ll still show as Friday. (I’m actually writing this on Thursday night, but because it’s past midnight.) Hah, okay then.

Hello everyone!!

This week… I’ll be writing something similar, but slightly different. I kind of realised that my weekly posts have ended up being really… boring. In the past weeks, I’ve been merely outlining whatever that has been happening in my week. But I thought, I’ll try to make a conscious effort to change it up a little from here on, reverting back to my original style of writing, which is basically whatever that I’m thinking. Or… at lease thoughts of some topic.

During dinner tonight, a senior asked my friend and I how have our week at school been. Hesitating for a bit because I couldn’t think of any other more apt word, I answered with “boring” while my friend answered “tiring”. Hearing this, my senior said “I think tiring is way better than boring”. Which I can definitely agree, but… it somehow managed to sneak into my mind and reminded me of something that my father said quite some time ago.


Basically, last November/Decemeber after O’s, I’ve literally been a couch potato, doing absolutely nothing at home and simply just lazing in bed. My dad always lectured at me for being extremely lazy and not doing anything productive or educational. Which is true at that point, but honestly, all I really wanted to do was just to laze in bed all day and watch Sherlock. (Yes, the reference has returned.) And… I guess, when my senior said that… It just reminded me of what my dad said, about me being so young and yet wasting away my youth rotting away at home.

I actually used to think that everything was boring. It was almost as if I had found nothing interesting, that life was dull. Then… Ever since I don’t even remember when or whatever incident, I somehow realised that not everything is boring and that everything can be interesting. You must be wondering, how could everything be interesting?

Trust me, even the simplest things can be interesting. Say for example, have you ever noticed the routes that ants take? They actually go in a very systematic way. And if you’re a boring person, you’d probably end up grudging over the ants for being all over the place, instead of noticing or realising why they’re crawling around.

Everything can be interesting as long as you allow it to be. Nothing will be interesting if you think that it’s not important in your life, or that knowing these little things will not be of any help to you. Because trust me, if someday you’re having a conversation with your crush and a topic that you had found boring came up, you’d end up hating yourself for not knowing more about it since now you have one less common topic to talk about. I think that stinks.

I suppose in a way, we miss a lot of opportunities just by dismissing something as boring. By dismissing something as boring, we end up not paying attention to this particular thing and end up wasting the opportunity to know more about something new.


So…. Since then, I took a point to just… let myself be less selective and instead of grudging on something, take it as a lesson of some sort. You may not find whatever that’s being taught worth the time that you’re extracting out for, but sometimes… it’s not as bad as you think and you end up walking away with more knowledge than before you went for this class/seminar/exhibition. I didn’t understand this until not too long ago, so… I wonder how many opportunities I’ve lost.

Take every class, every seminar, everything that you’re forced to go as some sort of lesson, that at the end of the day, you’ll learn something out of it. And trust me, somehow, your brain will find means and ways to make sure that you do end up learning something. 🙂


All in all, if you’re a student, don’t freaking skip classes because you find that it’ll be useless. Sometimes, you may take away with more than you expected and it may come in handy in the future. 🙂 Just… Don’t be too quick to judge!


On a completely different note, I’ve finally gotten my haircut last weekend!! Sadly… Nobody realised 😦 Oh well. Right, I’m going off now.

Have a great weekend and cease the week ahead! ‘Til next week!



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