Random Sunday Night: Facts (Part III).

I’ve finally sorted out the name for this ‘column’, though, I have to say… this whole “Random Sunday Night” is really going to be very random. I don’t really intend to keep it up every week, but if I actually have time on Sunday nights to write this, I will. Haha, anyway, I’m actually procrastinating right now… #asusual 

Hello everybirdy!

I’m back with another set of facts that I thought I would share with all you beautiful readers out there because… I’m feeling random. And also, idk if you’ll take it this way, but to reward you for being so loyal to read my blog posts. I know it’s getting progressively more boring, 😦 I’m sorry about that.

Right now… I can only think of one fact, and… I think even by the end of this post, there will only be one fact. So… This might end up being a very short post, whoops. Anyway, this week’s fact is….

I used to be really, really scared of roller coasters. I don’t even know why, actually.

I don’t remember how old I was, but I remember pretty clearly that in my younger days, I went to sit on the Pirate’s Ship with my mom, I think… And I ended up crying when I got off. I don’t even think it was some huge arse Pirate Ship or something, though I don’t really remember where that happened in. o.o If my memory doesn’t fail me, it would have been at this place here called Escape Theme Park. I think it doesn’t even exist anymore. Wait, maybe it does… Last I heard it closed down, but… meh, I honestly don’t remember, plus, it really is a very tiny park anyway. Most people, locals and tourists would definitely rather go to Universal Studios Singapore.

So yeah, I cried after getting down a particularly not scary pirate ship. And I refused to get on any other roller coaster looking ride. It wasn’t even the scariest ride in the entire park, but I just flat out refused. Like, heck, I really don’t understand what young me is afraid of. But then again, I was probably afraid of derailment or something. LOL.

And then… That was probably the last time I was anywhere near roller coasters. Because the next memory I had of roller coasters was at Tokyo Disneyland. I don’t know what in the world got into me and suddenly I wasn’t afraid of taking roller coasters anymore. Like, WHAT IN THE WORLD SZEYING?! Yeah. I really suddenly just wasn’t afraid of going on the roller coaster. Okay, maybe because I was older and I wanna take risks? But also probably because there were so many other people taking the roller coaster with me. As everyone knows, the best ride at Tokyo Disneyland is Space Mountain. So, we decided to take that one first, and as we waited, I got more and more anxious and at the same time excited. And then… we went on the ride, and daaaaamn, it wasn’t scary at all. It was just really fraking dark and really, really fast.

Up until today, I frankly think that this is probably the ride that got rid of my fear to go on roller coasters. LOL. Then along the way, we took all the lame rides and one family styled outdoor roller coaster, which I frankly thought was more fun than the Space Mountain because at lease we could see the track and it was way more exciting.

That actually happened two years prior to last year when I went to USS and daaaamn, the Mummy roller coaster ride was sooooo good. But then again, as much as I said that I’m not afraid of roller coasters anymore? I think I would scream the heck out of my life if I took the Battlestar Galactica ride. I mean, seriously man, that ride is hella scary!!! But probably extremely thrilling. Too bad it’s never going to open again 😦


Right.. So, this week, I shared with you one of my fears that has haunted me for at lease the first 14 years of my life. How about you leave me a comment of what you’re afraid of? Roller coaster? I don’t know, bugs? Just, leave me a comment!! (I actually get very happy when I see comments!! :D)

Have a great sleep and tackle the week ahead with all your might!!


BEFORE I FORGET!!! Hari Raya Puasa to all my Muslim friends!! 



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