I don’t know what I’m going with this. It’s just something that came into my mind when I was taking a crap (I was having mild diarrhea okay) in the washroom. This might not even make any sense, my mind is frankly not functioning properly. It’s really irritating when some people try to say that our brains never stops functioning. Yes, sure enough, it doesn’t, but my brain just doesn’t generate the thoughts that I fucking want, okay? Anyway, um, I’m writing this on Friday night albeit the date stamp showing 2 Aug. And just a simple disclaimer: I’m not flaming anyone! I’m just wondering out loud…

Hello everybody! How has your week been? I really hope that it has gone great, because mine hasn’t really.

So… This week’s post… is not going to be of the usual length of my usual weekly posts. This week… I’ll only be talking about one simple thing, and… I’ll leave it as that. I’m too tired to generate any other thoughts. I’m actually being thoroughly lazy today, self-proclaimed break because my neck nerves were killing me. So… Yeah.

And so… As mentioned above, these thoughts came into my mind when I was taking a dump in the washroom earlier this afternoon in school. Basically… I was peacefully taking a dump when like three girls came into the washroom, talking. It’s actually a very common thing, if you’re not a female and you don’t actually know. So… As I sat there, one of them started tpoyalking about whether or not she looks better with her hair tied up, or let down. And blah, blah, blah. Y’know all those stuff. And then, it struck me that… I’ve never heard this kind of talk back in secondary school.

Granted, it was because in secondary school, it was part of the useless rules and regulations that every student must oblige to wear the school uniform right and to have their long hair tied up, fringes/bangs pinned up. It was frankly irritating because up until this very day, I still don’t understand how people’s fringe are going to affect their learning outcomes. Either way, I’ve survived that crap…

Now, having established that I’ve only heard this after entering polytechnic… And I’m pretty sure that this sort of conversations probably doesn’t go down in junior colleges as well… It got me thinking. Are polytechnics promoting vanity?


I remember last term, during one of my longer breaks and I was walking over to the library, I heard this three lecturers (I think they were lecturers..) discussing about whether or not it was actually necessary for female students to put an extra effort on putting on make-up, dressing up and wearing heels to school. This question certainly comes into my mind as well. (I got a little distracted here to watch a couple of videos of people living in tiny apartment units.)

Everyday as I take the bus to school, and I walk to my class or sit at the food court, I watch these people walk by and I wonder to myself: did they make an extra effort to look like this today? And when I say extra effort, I really meant by just giving it an extra thought of whether your shoes/heels would match your outfit today, etc. To me, giving it a second thought is already taking an extra effort. Yesterday I stood in front of my cupboard, wondering if I should put on a blouse or a polo shirt on. That’s definitely an extra effort.

And then, if you think about it, other than vanity, aren’t polytechnics indirectly promoting people to be judgmental too?

Take for example, what I just said, that I watch the students go by and wonder if they put extra effort into looking good. Isn’t that, by itself, judging? Okay, so, maybe your definition of judging might be a little different and to you, being judgmental would involve some negative thought about someone else. So… hypothetically speaking, what if I say that I saw some plus sized girl wearing something extremely fitting walk pass. I’d have the thought of, “oh my”. (That’s really the most I can go…) That’s judging too.


I honestly don’t know if there’s any link to what I’m about to say, with what I’ve already said…


If you’re a student who specially dresses up to go school and school only, then… ask yourself: are you dressing up because you want to look good for yourself or so that you want to get compliments from people around you? If you dress up because of the latter, I’d say, STOP IT. Wait, I actually won’t. I don’t even know what I’d say. I’d just… shake my head, I suppose.

But then again, what is the point of dressing so nicely to school? I don’t know about these people but… I go to school to learn, not to walk down a fashion runway. If you dress up as if you’re gonna be walking down a fashion runway, then aren’t you at the wrong place…?


So… I’m the type of person who dresses according to the weather and my mood. If it’s really warm, chances are, I’d put on a polo tee. Or, if I know that throughout the day, I won’t be going to some classroom that was moved here from the Antarctica, I’d wear a polo tee. But, if I’m feeling fancy, I’d put on a blouse and go to school. I honestly don’t care, but then again, that’s just me. Come to think of it, do people actually wonder if I re-wear my shirts? *chuckles*

Ok lemme explain myself. I said that… because I’ve got a few white polo tees. And sometimes, I’d wear them consecutively because it’s just too darn warm. So… I wonder if people think that I rewear my shirt. LOL.


Right so… That’s the end of my post. I don’t know if there’s actually any link from the post to the title.. But whatever! Oh yes, um, I might not have the time to write up my Random Sunday Night post for this week… I’ve got assignments and projects to rush. So… Yep. But I’ll see how that goes first. So just… Stay tuned on Sunday, and if no posts appear, don’t get too sad, alright?

‘Til next week!



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