I know the date on this post is probably a day late, since it’s going to be showing Saturday. But then again… I’m writing this on Friday night, just that it has passed midnight. So… Yup. I know how I haven’t been able to keep my word of putting up posts every week, more or less at the same day/time… But, well, I’ve been busy.

Hello there! How have your week been?

It has been a hell of a week. But then again, I’m just super glad that this week is pretty much over. I mean, anyway… I completely do not remember what I want to write already. Oh god.

Oh yes, before anything else, I just came back from watching Guardians of the Galaxy earlier tonight. IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD I CANNOT EVEN. Yes, it has resulted me to write in a horrific fangirl language. LOL.

I honestly don’t remember what I wanted to write about. Oh gosh.

Ah! Yes! Now I remembered! A couple of days ago when I was having lunch at KFC, I was sitting, chilling, having my super awesome Pockett and there were people from two tables away were complaining about what sounded like a new colleague in their office or something. Also, I looked around and realised that at different tables, there were people who were also complaining about their lives. It’s… quite interesting, really. I was wondering, do we really just meet up with friends to complain about our lives? I mean, I vaguely remember that every time I meet with my dear friends, we start with talking about our lives, and in the end, we’ll end up complaining about something.

I was wondering if it was actually human nature or just a local culture to just complain. Like, the only way that we can really have a sustained conversation was to be complaining? o.o


Hmm…. I actually have got nothing off my mind right now. So…. I’d just like to apologise for the really, really short post here. Yup, I’ll see y’all next week!



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