I don’t even know what to write here anymore. This is just another Random Sunday Night post, that… I had to recheck the date so that it really IS Sunday. I’m losing a little track of time. Just a little disclaimer, as usual, these are just… stupid recounts of a teenager, and it’s content it all over the place. Deal with it.

Hello you!

I must first apologise for missing this week’s regular post. I have to say, I have been way too lazy and preoccupied with other things like studying and watching Doctor Who to write a post. #guiltyascharged

As much as it is not the right time to be indulging in wonderful things in life like amazing television series and fanfictions, my brain however comes up with ways and means and excuses for me to indulge in the awesome part of life called procrastination. Except, it’s not all that awesome and wonderful when my bloody exams is now less than a week away.

To be very frank with you, even right now, as I’m writing this, I’m wasting away precious time that should be used to revise for my Economics paper. And yet, my mind puts this as compensating for last’s week’s missed post. Yeah, I know, I’m literally just finding excuses to procrastinate. And I think I’m actually doing quite a good job. Not sure if that’s actually good.


So… I know that my Sunday night posts are usually super random, but… I guess I’ll just mention a bit about what I’ve actually been doing all week.

Basically, all I did all week was to watch Doctor Who. And I had to use every ounce of my energy to stop watching it and get to studying. Yes, it’s horrific, I agree. Somehow, I managed to stop my brain from wanting to watch DW that much this weekend. That didn’t happen that well either, instead it led to a whole new problem.

Thinking logically, if throughout the week, I haven’t exactly been productive because of my indulgence on the Doctor… Once I stop watching it, my productivity should have boosted by a lot. But no. My brain decided yesterday morning that it’s a good idea to read some fanfics. And guess what happened next. I spent my entire day (pretty much entire day) reading fanfics. Yeah, I know. In the end, even my Saturday was thrown into a bathtub of chemicals because it was non-existent.

I actually even fell asleep reading a fanfic last night. That… really isn’t new though. On Friday night, I fell asleep watching Doctor Who. And when I did get up from what felt like minutes later, it turns out that four episodes has played while I was asleep.  It happens way too much.

Right then, so, yesterday I spent pretty much my entire day reading fanfics… I don’t even know how many I’ve read. But I know the first one that I read in the morning, right after I woke up, I was shaking and sobbing and groaning because it’s just too damn sad. So yes, if you actually know this, good for you and go and read it again. It’s called Alone in the Water. I swear to god, thinking about it makes me want to cry now. Gah, all these emotions!!

Well… so, yeah, that sums up yesterday. Crying over fanfics. Okay, not throughout the day, but here and there. Today however, I kept it down to reading only one fic. That fic that I was reading from last night and fell asleep. That one fic though, it was so long. 22,000+ words. Yup. It was a very, very mesmerizing fic though. I… couldn’t stop reading it until I got to the end. Eheheh.

So yes, even my productivity today isn’t that good. But then again, it was much better than yesterday or all of last week. So… Yup.


I don’t even know why I’m writing all of this down. Oh right, random Sunday posts. Alright then. I hope this is random enough for you. By the way, if you live in a cave and actually don’t already know, I cry really, really easily when it comes to reading fanfictions and watching movies/shows. But somehow or another, I don’t cry that easily while reading books.

I wonder why.


Have a great week ahead! ‘Til next time!


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