I’m not entirely sure what’s the point this post will end up making. But… It’s just something interesting that came into my mind. It might… I don’t know, it might end up being a little offensive, but trust me, I have no intentions of making it offensive at all. And I’m really just writing in a very broad and hypothetical way. 


Well.. There hasn’t exactly been much to write about, considering it’s the holidays and I’m really just rotting my arse off on my bed. I… legitimately hope that it doesn’t end up killing me or something. I quite enjoy this though, this rotting and fermenting. Okay, maybe not fermenting, I’m exposed to oxygen afterall. Oh my god. I don’t even know if that made sense because I’m so rusty with Chemistry. Let’s see… does the fermentation of alcohol actually come from the lack of oxygen? Yeah, I think so, if I didn’t remember wrongly. I don’t mind if anyone would like to correct me on that, y’know.

Anyway, last Saturday, I went out with a group of my friends from TM to watch this movie called The Giver. It’s pretty good! If you’re into sci-fi, and you don’t mind the book/movie differences, I think it’s a fairly good movie. I didn’t read the book, so I don’t exactly know how much the movie actually deviated from the book. But… Oh well. Speaking of which, I just reminded myself that during this holidays, I’ll have to reread Mockingjay before the movie premieres at the end of the year. Eheheh.


Right, so back to the original point of this post. On Saturday, one of my upperclassman friend mentioned something along the lines of “window shopping for a boyfriend”. It was a fairly short conversation, because we were really just joking. But then, it did strike me with a thought.

If you’re really that bored and you think about it, isn’t that right?

The friends we make, the friends of the opposite gender, the process of making these friends – isn’t it kind of like window shopping? Essentially, as we all call it now, we’re making friends. But if you just follow that ‘shopping for a boy/girlfriend’ concept, wouldn’t making friends with the opposite gender be exactly what you’d call window shopping, or just shopping (for that matter)?

Day in day out, essentially, you’re going through the people you meet to see if they’re actually a suitable boy/girlfriend material for you. And when you do actually find that one person that you think is most suited for you, you end up investing by putting in your efforts and emotions.

Isn’t that… kind of like shopping?


There’s the group of people who would buy things on impulse, the moment they see it and they’ll buy it. Sometimes, these people get the best out of these items, sometimes they don’t. And then there’s another group of people who would ponder for a very long time, contemplating on every possible reason why buying the good is worth it. These people also, sometimes get the best out of the items and other times, not so much.

Doesn’t that sound very much like getting into a relationship with someone?

Some people get together with someone that they’ve recently just met because they feel the chemistry and rapport between each other. Sometimes it works out perfectly and the relationship maintains for a very long time, sometimes it doesn’t work out and a huge break up may happen. And then there’s some people who would feel hesitant to initiate a relationship, mostly because of worry and fear, and take a long time before actually getting together with their beloved. Sometimes, the wait backfires and you end up without any positive result. Other times, you eventually realise that your fear was completely redundant because throughout the entire time, the other party actually likes you back too.

It really is curious how shopping and getting into a relationship is so similar huh.

I actually honestly don’t know where I’m going with this post. I really just wanted to share this thought. And I suppose… What I could say is…


You’re most likely either a person who would buy something on impulse or a person who would ponder for a very long time before actually buying said item. Or a person who’s likely to get together with someone you just met or a person who’s likely to think a lot before getting into a relationship. Sometimes, the outcome of whichever ‘path’ you make isn’t exactly satisfactory and you end up trying the other ‘path’/method the next time, and it doesn’t exactly end up satisfactory either. You might feel horrible, thinking that every train of thought that had led to your final decision was wrong. But… Remember, there’s no such thing as a wrong decision-making process. I suppose, there must be a balance between the two ‘paths’/methods, using whichever is more suitable for whatever scenario that comes in your way. There is also no shame in making mistakes too. Every failure in relationship, every mistake made in buying goods and items, they are all learning points, for us to learn whether or not we should trust the shop that sells faulty products, whether or not we should trust the wo/man that we’ve just met at the club, etc.

Make every one of your mistakes a good learning point, and learn as much as you can from them. That’s the only way you’ll make yourself better decisions.


I have absolutely no clue how I ended up getting to making decisions but. Well, I’ve written them. 



2 thoughts on “Shopping.

  1. Dear Celine,
    wow I am super awed by your writing. I feel like my blog is some primary school kid writing diary compared to yours. 😉 I love these fonts btw freaking pretty

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