I was thinking since I had a little more time than usual, why not write a post whenever I want to, right? So… here’s my post about the past two days and how I kind of went back down the memory lane. I’m actually currently chilling at Starbucks with a mug of double shot mocha and I don’t exactly have any idea as to where this post will end up going, so pardon me if the content goes a little haywire here and there. 

Hello there!

The start of the week went by almost uneventful except for many hours of sleeping, a couple runs to the bathroom to hurl out substances out of my digestive system and Doctor Who. No worries, I’m feeling much better now already, but.. now there’s no excuse for me to slack around anymore. Whoops. Oh who cares, when have I ever needed any excuse to slack during the holidays anyway. LOL.

The last two days didn’t exactly go uneventful though. I went back to my secondary school on Thursday to visit my teachers because it was Teachers Day yesterday. Come to think of it, I still feel pretty gutted that the government just decided that Teachers Day was to be changed from 1 September to the first Friday of September. Now that I think about it, I think they changed Children’s Day as well. I don’t even know when children’s day is now. LOL. It’s kinda irritating, to be honest. I mean, we grew up with it, and without an actual PSA, they just changed. x.x Oh well.

So, yeah, I went back on Thursday with my former classmates and finally got to talk to my teachers. I actually haven’t stepped back into school since I went back to get my testimonial, which was a very long time ago because school hasn’t even reopened for me then.

My teachers look… the same. I mean, what was I really expecting right, it was just a couple of months. Haha. But then again, we didn’t really get much time to talk to them either, since they had this lunch thing that I think was organised by somebody. It still felt really good to be back at where it all started though, where things started getting better. While waiting for one of our friends outside school, I was bombarded by the memories of back when we met up every morning before going to school, when we had to do our 2.4km run, when we walked out of the school feeling tired as heck, when we were nagged by MsY, when MrG told us stories, when we stayed back after school. All the hardship, all the laughter, all the fun, all returning just by going back to where it all started. It’s quite amazing isn’t it, our minds?

I didn’t even know that I had miss my secondary school that much. I’m not saying that I didn’t know, but.. I didn’t know I missed it so much. I suppose… it might be because we’re just familiar with it. I just… miss those days, the good ol’ days. They don’t come by very often anymore. 😦

Doesn’t it stink? That nostalgia hits us all the time and yet there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it. There’s nothing that can bring us back, nothing that will bring us back either. All we can do is just to move on, continue with our lives because the world keeps spinning and nothing ever stops. Eventually, we’ll realise that the earth keeps spinning, that everything goes round and round and nothing is ever new. Isn’t it just… a little ironic… and a little sad at the same time..?


I suppose… that’s life. I mean, there couldn’t be any way for us to be able to travel back in time anyway. Even if we could, everyone would use it to their own advantage. If time travel was possible, would anyone ever die?

Okay, I think I’ve been watching too much Doctor Who. 😛 (oh wait, there’s no such thing as too much. :P)


I think that’s all for today’s post. It was longer than I expected, hahaha, I don’t know if that’s good. I’ll… leave it to you to decide. 🙂



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