This morning I found myself in a mini dilemma, having an issue deciding if I should spend my time reading the Sherlock Holmes book that I got from yesterday (at a very, very good price) or to turn on my laptop and surf the net. I was going to write for y’all to guess what I ended up choosing, but as it turns out, there isn’t a need to because it’s certainly fairly obvious what I did choose.

The question to ask is this, why is it that I’m choosing between doing something that I do every single day over something that I only get to do when there’s no school? Isn’t it a little terrible? I mean, really, I use the laptop every single day and I have barely even picked up any book this week, and yet when I get to choose, I still end up going on my laptop. It really doesn’t make any sense.

Is it really because our laptop gives us a wider variety, considering how it can play videos, music, load articles from various websites?

And you know what the kicker is though? The kicker is that even though I picked the laptop over my book, I still ended up reading articles from elitedaily. I mean, can you even being to fathom the irony? :O

That being said though, I’ve come to hate reading things on my laptop. I’m pretty sure it’s just me because I know of a lot of people who reads stuff on their laptops. I just dislike it, a lot. I’m the sort of person who would rather get the physical copy of a story book than to get the digital copy and read from my laptop. Plus, I’m also the sort of person who wishes my laptop can read an article for me just so that I can stop staring at the damned screen. I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but I just get very annoyed when I have to read on my laptop.

I don’t even know when it started. I remember long, long time ago, yeaaaars back when I discovered, I read fanfics on the computer, but I was using a desktop then. Now, when I read fanfics, I bring it off the computer and end up reading on my iPod or my phone. It’s waaaaaay easier to read on them, for fanfics, at lease.

That’s for fanfictions though.

Up until this very day, even after owning an iPod and phone for so long, I still dislike reading actual stories from actual story books on my mobile devices. I don’t know if it’s actually anything to do with the device itself, I have a strong feeling that it’s actually just my disliking iBooks. Or maybe it’s just my disliking iBooks on the small screens of the iPod and the iPhone, it could be better on an iPad Mini. I wouldn’t know that now, would I? Maybe that’s why Kindle was invented, to make the transition between reading papers to digital reading easier. Either way, I’m not entitled to those as of now, and I will still stick to books until something better comes along.

Come to think of it, I’m confused as to why I haven’t tried audiobooks. Maybe it could work out, rest my eyes and work my ears instead, I’m more of a listener anyway. But who knows, I may or may not like it too. I can’t exactly comment on it either, I haven’t tried it out, so I wouldn’t know. I suppose, I will try it out soon then, this audiobook thing.


Either way, I don’t think anything at all could ever take away the fact that books are still where stories belong. I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying books, to be honest. The only problem is, of course, it takes up space. It doesn’t take up digital space, it takes up actual physical space. And that can be irritating, especially when you’re already living in a house without spare space for more books.

But if you push that away, books are great! You get the actual physical feel of the book! Don’t you people like it? I love being able to peer over the book and read. I love how I can flip the pages of the book to where I’ve stopped, instead of just sliding fingers across the touchpad of a laptop or the screen of a mobile device. And I don’t care how much people nag at me for buying books and eventually throwing them away (many, many years later) only after reading it once, I will still buy books because some books are worth owning.


I… don’t know if I’m still on point but. Yeah, glad I got that out. I’m actually surprised that I never thought of blogging about this before, hahaha. Speaking of books, I actually finally managed to get the paperback of Dan Brown’s Inferno. I’ve been waiting for the paperback since the book first came in stores. 😛 I really hope that I’ll be able to get started on reading that before the holidays end. I honestly still don’t understand why I’m okay with reading fanfictions on my phone and not on the laptop though. It’s super weird, I swear.

That’s all for this week’s RSN. 😀

Have a great week ahead!


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