In the Dark.

Hello again!

I just realised that I’ve been posting my weekly posts later than I usually do these couple of weeks even though I’m actually currently on holidays. That’s definitely an irony, oh my goodness. Anyway, this week has been a little more entertaining than last week, I suppose. I’m too lazy to write about my days though, because… there are just so many things that you actually need to actually be there before you could understand what the joke or the humor lies. I don’t know, maybe it’s just… my failure in description.

These couple of days though, I’ve been spending the entire day out and I end up going home much later than I’ve ever been. It’s not actually usual, but… I definitely was pushing my luck. Oh well. And these couple of nights while I was walking home from the mrt station, in the night, I realised something.

I really, really love walking home in the night. I don’t even have an actual explanation to why. I just know that as much as it’s dangerous to be walking on the roads and streets after night has fallen, after most of the population have gone home and possibly slid under the covers for the night, I still thoroughly enjoy it. Maybe it’s just simply because everyone has gone home and the pavements and roads are almost empty, save for stray cars and pedestrians. Maybe it’s just because it’s a lot quieter in the night, only hearing the sounds of crickets and various other insects/animals.

It’s just so peaceful and quiet. It’s just… wonderful.

The dark is a very interesting thing though, to me at lease. Almost everything said about the dark is almost always negative. Right now, the only example I could think of now is ‘dark magic’, which is frequently known to be the magic that’s used to harm others. But regardless of all that, I still find that the dark brings about peace.

For in the dark, you are unable to see your enemy but at the same time, your enemy is unable to see you. In the dark, you are unable to see and judge before you actually understand the situation, scenario. In the dark, your other senses are heightened, and you stop judging others before knowing a person, an object, anything at all.

And yet, the irony remains that the dark is the actual representation of bad.


‘lright, now I’m lost for words. I suppose I’ll just end this week’s post here then.

‘Til next week!



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