Will Fall.

Did you get that reference, all you readers out there who still refuses to comment on my posts. 😦 Did you get the reference? If you do, leave a comment and lemme know where it’s from! 


Right now, I’m actually on a battle with my space key on my laptop because apparently, it has decided that I’ve been pressing on the same spot too many times and now I have to use a slightly harder press to get the space coming out. I don’t know if any of you actually understand what the hell I’m writing. But if you do, good on you mate!

First of all, I suppose I should apologise for not blogging a single thing throughout the whole of last week. I was too busy bloody rotting and doing absolutely nothing other than finishing all 4 series of Torchwood. Might I also mention that I only started watching Miracle Day on Sunday night, in which I sadly only managed to finish it yesterday night. Yeah, I didn’t go on a full-on 10 hours straight drama watching. I don’t even think I can do that anymore. Though, for some strange reason, I could stay up all night watching hilarious interview and convention panels. I’m not even kidding about that. For two nights (not consecutively though), I stayed up to well past 5 am watching interviews and bloopers of John Barrowman. If you’re unfamiliar with him, go freaking Google him right now!

If you do watch Doctor Who though, then you’ll know his character in it, Captain Jack Harkness, who is also the head of Torchwood 3. Which is basically what the spin-off show, Torchwood is about.

Right then, before I go on and on and on about the show that I’ve been watching, I shall better stop myself. Unless, you’d like me to write about it. :O Leave me a comment if you want me to sound nerdy. LOL.


I’m actually sitting in the library with my dear friend, John, who’s actually studying for his promos. Yeah, don’t ask me why I’m disturbing him. 😛 Anyway, yeah, this being a library, it really is pretty quiet. It really is much quieter than any other libraries that I’ve ever been in, actually. Save for the man sitting next to me flipping his damned newspapers freaking ass loudly. But oh well.

The library also kind of reminded me of the library episode(s) in series 4 of Doctor Who, which I must say, is freaking ass devastating.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before but I actually started watching series 5 of DW first, and then I went on and finish all the way up to series 7. (I haven’t started on series 8 though.) So anyway, yeah, I pretty much finished watching all that the eleventh doctor went through. And because of that, I know exactly who River Song is, which made the library episodes in series 4 really, really, really devastating. I just couldn’t stop crying, ffs.

Oh well, it’s not exactly uncommon seeing me cry while watching drama episodes anyway. Ha! Though, I didn’t cry that much while watching Torchwood though. I cried maybe only… once? I don’t even remember. 😛

I just realised that I have basically not left this topic at all. Whoops.

But really though, I’m enjoying the silence. I’ve never really been to this library to do anything because it’s pretty far from my house, but it really is really quiet and very conducive. But oh well, it would be ridiculous for me to travel all the way here to study. I suppose, it could also be much quieter here because of the (much) higher ceilings. Better ventilation, maybe? Meh, I have no clue at all.


So yeah, that’s basically what I’ve been up to last week – watching doctor who and torchwood. In other words: rotting.

Right then, I shall just end here. I may or may not be blogging on Sunday for RSN.. So… Yup.

‘Til next week then!



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