Even after using so many different types of laptop keyboards, the MacBook’s one is still the most fantastic to type on. I mean, yeah, there’s just a completely different feel to it. And I swear to everyone, one day, I will own my own MacBook! I don’t know where I will be going with this post just yet, so… just be warned. I suppose. /Edit: This is gonna be a hell of a long post. And a hell of a rant. 

Hello again!

If you’ve recently hung out with me, you probably would’ve come to realise that I’ve been quite excited about the films that are about to premiere. I mean, I even came up with a list okay. I remember I was sitting in front of the laptop one day, where I was supposed to be studying for my Finals but instead ended up on YouTube searching trailers of upcoming movies. I couldn’t even stop myself. The more trailers I watched, the more movies I added on my list. Right now, I’ve got movies ranging from Kingsman: The Secret Service to Penguins of Madagascar and Love, Rosie… And I’m pretty sure if I didn’t get off YouTube, I will not be able to finish writing this post before it gets too late.

And I have to say, I have spent quite a great deal of money on movies during this holidays. I mean, yeah, we all know that watching movies in the comfort of our homes is definitely completely different from watching movies in cinemas. I mean, frankly, we can’t even stimulate the whole big screen experience, much less the theatre sound system that our own home theatre sound systems can’t mimic. Plus, there is just something special about going to the cinema and catching a movie. I don’t know what that is though. Half of my mind is actually screaming that it’s way more expensive catching a movie in the cinema, which I do not at all deny. Plus, ticket prices are getting increasingly more expensive too. Sigh.

However, that being said about the expensive tickets, I actually just caught a movie earlier this evening. I watched A Walk Among the Tombstones and I have to say, I would’ve enjoyed the movie a whole fucking lot more if the other patrons of cinemas would be more considerate.


Before I get to what happened today, I’d just like to mention this. There are many, many different kinds of cinema patrons. The one that I used to be when I was a kid and I went to the cinema with my parents was the noisy kid. I would be completely unaware that I’m actually speaking really loudly and disturbing other people from enjoying their movie. Well, yeah, those kids still exist now, alright. Sometimes I go to the cinema, especially when I decide to watch a cartoon, taking in deep breathes and just pray that I don’t get a family sitting anywhere near me. Because I’ve very much evolved. I’ve become the cinema patron who really just wants a theatre filled with sensible people. People who would laugh, gasp, shake and jump at the correct and appropriate times of the movie. And yes, in the end, I’m the one who ends up suffering because there really is no bloody way I’ll ever get such a perfect theatre. Ever.

Everyone knows that recently, there has been the new group of people who watches movies. The ones who silent their phones and yet throughout the whole screening of the movie, constantly uses it. It’s really irritating alright. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m just really, really sensitive to light when it’s supposed to be dark. So I actually get really fucking annoyed when I unluckily sit next to a bloody teenager who can’t keep his/her hands off their phones. When I watched If I Stay with my friends a few weeks ago, I remember very clearly that the woman sitting next to me couldn’t stop fucking checking her phone. And not to mention, she didn’t even bother dimming her phone’s brightness. Half-fucking-way through the movie, she bloody starts playing a game.

Just wait a mo, did you just spend bloody $9 to PLAY A GAME IN THE THEATRE?!


I think I’m just a very difficult person to please. Because that’s not the only kind of people I hate sitting near. I mean, if I’m unlucky enough that I have to sit next to a woman who can’t stop using her phone during the movie, fine. At lease it’s only the people sitting next to her who’s affected. But then there’s the other kind of cinema patron that I sometimes feel like ripping their vocal chords out.

If you don’t already know, I’m a person who’s quite very sensitive to sounds. And I really mean by very sensitive. Either that or paranoid because sometimes I hear the sound of the door opening but there’s nobody has returned home. Yes, I know it sounds creepy but no, I’m not at all spooked.

So, you can definitely count on me to be bloody irritated when people start speaking to each other while watching the movie. That being said, I’m actually perfectly fine if you’re just whispering to each other something you’ve discovered occasionally. But guess what I encountered today?

Today, I actually watched the movie at a cinema that I’ve never been to. And I kinda foresaw that it would be a fairly empty theatre. So, fairly empty theatre, voices and sounds gets amplified then. When the movie first started with a ton of gun shots and everything, I heard this two distinct sounds of gasping and all. Which is fine, because well, who would expect a movie to just start with shooting people dead, right? But goddamnit, IT DIDN’T FUCKING STOP. These two aunties, sitting a row behind me, at the end of the row (I was sitting right in the middle), were speaking so darn loudly that I could hear them talking the entire fucking time. At some point, I really wanted to stand up, magically whip out some masking tape and tape their damn mouths shut.

I mean, if you’re so damn bothered about the suicide or the gun shots or the killing, then wait a couple of months more and rent the disc home to watch it. Then you can gasp and talk all you want.


Maybe it’s just me. Since my ears are super sensitive and almost nobody else looked annoyed. But then again, I can’t see if they are actually annoyed anyway. I wasn’t exactly sitting anywhere near anybody. I would’ve glared at them if I was sitting any nearer to them, and hushed them. Because goddamnit, I can’t believe I actually sat through that. I had a half mind to move, actually. But decided against it because then I would be bothering other people. Sigh.


I actually don’t know what else to write other than that. I just want to remind everyone that, when you go to the cinema to watch a movie, you’re watching it with a lot of other people. And regardless whether the theatre is empty or not, there is no bloody reason for you to be speaking to your friend. No fucking reason at all. Don’t deprive other people of their enjoyment of the movie, alright?

To end off, I’ll just embed this YouTube video made by a local production company to remind everyone what good cinema courtesy is. Oh and, if you actually do want to watch A Walk Among the Tombstones, um, only watch it if you’re alright with lots of gunshots, bit of sick crazy men and blood. I quite enjoyed it, actually. 🙂

Have a great week ahead!



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