This post was completely inspired by a woman who I noticed while I was out yesterday in town. Well, just to let you know, I didn’t get any single thing yesterday because the clothes I want to get are not agreeing with me. :/ Anyway, this post may spark some disagreement. But I’m really just voicing out my opinion. If you’re not happy about it, yeah, okay, duly noted. It’s just an opinion.

Hello there!

So yesterday, I actually got myself out of the house and dragged myself all the way to town, actually hoping that I could (maybe) get some clothes. Because well, somebody mentioned that there was this sweater that looked really pretty. But no, it definitely didn’t suit me. Oh well. So, yeah, I found myself leaving without getting anything at all. Save for a cup of bubble tea. :X Okay, that’s completely besides the point.

The main thing that I noticed yesterday while walking around aimlessly, was that there was this woman who happened to get on the escalator before me, heading upstairs. And while on the escalator, I’ve come to realise that this woman was really big sized. And she wore a black tight fitting dress. Well, I was behind her, so clearly I couldn’t really see her face. But at that moment, I thought “damn, she’s so darn brave to wear something so tight-fitting even though she doesn’t exactly have the body”.

Now, here, I must first clarify. I have absolutely nothing against fat people. I’m not at all slim myself. And because of that, I’m actually pretty tolerant for people who’re bigger sized. I mean, I completely understand their ‘pain’ and all. My own parents aren’t slim too, so, yeah. So, the fact that I actually said that the woman at the mall was big sized, I really mean it.

Of course, I couldn’t stop my brain from judging either, so… needless to say, there was a small part of my mind that went “whoa, there are many other more suitable dresses that she could wear, why would she pick such a dress?” but there was a large part of my brain that went “Oh my goodness she’s really fucking confident with her body!” and I really admire her for her courage to put on such a tight-fitting dress even for her size. I mean, honestly, I wouldn’t even put on said dress with my current body size. I’m about… say, one third her size? Though, that’s not an accurate description. The one third that I’m talking about is actually the side profile.

…yeah, around there.

Well, I was actually making my way to the washroom upstairs, which coincidentally, she was heading there too. So, I was literally awkwardly following behind her. And after I was done with my business, while washing my hands, there was a group of women who walked in. From the very moment that they saw the plus-sized lady, one of them said out loud, in mandarin: “哇,好宽啊”, which translates to basically the meaning of “wha, she’s really wide”. At that very moment, I felt really, really bad for the lady and kind of pissed off with that woman with NO self-conscious at all. I kind of felt that a lot of people in the washroom looked at her, and probably had the same thought running through their head. And that’s okay, because nobody can stop their brain from coming up with such thoughts. What I’m pissed off about was that she could totally have kept it in her mind. At lease, if you really do want to talk about it with your friend, don’t talk about it where she’s in your bloody earshot!

Just earlier today, before I left home, I was thinking about the reason why teenage girls are statistically the ones who suffer from anorexia. Anorexia, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is an eating disorder in which the sufferer has intense fear of gaining weight, restricts their food intake extremely and are on a relentless pursuit on thinness. Basically, they feel that they’re never thin enough and that if they even so much as eat a single bite of something, they’ll gain weight. Honestly, I believe that it’s mostly a society-induced disorder. Society is the one who invoked such anxiety into these people’s minds. Simply by broadcasting to every single person that size matters, and that if you’re not thin, you’re not beautiful or handsome. There are posts out there everywhere that try to say that size doesn’t matter, but frankly, how many times have you walked on the streets, in malls and look at an oversized person and showed a face of disgust?

No, seriously, I really am asking you to think about it.

I’m an overweight person myself, and yet, I fucking do it too. So, if you can say that you have never, I would like you to search your brain and just tell yourself to stop lying to yourself.

So, are those posts lying? No. Size doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter whether or not if you’re fat as long as you’re a nice person. If you’re nice, you’ll always be a nice person whether or not you’re skinny or fat. If you’re not at all nice, and you’re mean to all your peers and colleagues, it doesn’t matter whether you’re fat or skinny, you’re still bloody mean and definitely not a nice person. Your size doesn’t affect ANYTHING.

That being said, size does matter when it comes to first impressions. I mean, yeah, it takes you a few seconds for you to form a first impression of someone. Normally, these impressions, under these few seconds, are formed just by looking at someone. And if the person is pleasant-looking, chances are, you’ll be more attracted to talking to them. Yeah, trust me, it is most definitely true. But does that mean that the pleasant-looking person is nice? No. Not at all.

Rounding back to what the incident that I was talking about, the woman, even though she was slim, isn’t a nice person at all. What she said was really fucking rude, and when I looked over to the oversized lady, I could tell that she was affected and probably pretty offended by it. At that very moment, I really wanted to walk up to her and tell her that she’s actually really awesome and she looks beautiful. And you know what they say, a woman with confidence is a woman who’s beautiful.

It was really too bad that after she left the washroom, I didn’t have the balls and the chance to speak to her before she went on the escalator to another floor. Damn it.


That was basically what I wanted to write about. It’s a bit of a rant, but… well, I just… can’t stop thinking about how that woman reacted and how hurtful it really was. And I really do feel bit sad that I didn’t have the chance to tell the lady that she looks amazing. 😦

In the shortest words ever, all I’m trying to say here is that, size doesn’t fucking matter. And sometimes, you can keep your mouth shut and not comment on other people’s bodies. Especially when your bloody comment isn’t at all nice.

Have a great weekend ahead.



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