I’m actually having a headache. I think it’s probably from the heat. The haze was terrible yesterday, but cleared out today. That being said though, I feel like the water vapour are still caught in the remains of the dust particles from the haze. It is hence still really humid out there. So yeah, I hope this post will still end up being coherent. 🙂 This is a more… “what I did today” post, so just bare with me ay? 

Hello there!

I’ve just returned from an afternoon of café/shop hopping. I’ve actually been putting this off for a very long time. I think I’ve been wanting to go cafe hopping since last year end after my finals actually. So I’m actually really happy that I finally got off my arse and out of the house to go cafe hopping. But I have to say, it’s really irksome when I’ve had a great time out and yet I’m having a bloody headache that I have to sleep off. Gosh.

A couple of days ago, I thought about where would be a good place to cafe hop, and then someone mentioned that they went to Tiong Bahru. And I thought, hmm, that would be a good place since it’s actually an old neighbourhood and yet has many new shops. And so I went to do some digging online to see which are the must-go places, and how to find the way there. It didn’t take me very long actually. Apparently a lot of people have went there to cafe hop already. I made a list with a map and printed that, so that I actually have some guide and idea of where I’m going instead of just roaming around like some lost soul. Which I have to say, was a really good thing I did because if I didn’t, I would’ve definitely gotten lost.

I think I made a bad choice starting to listen to the album, Living Room Songs by Ólafur Arnalds. It’s a brilliant album, don’t get me wrong. But it got me so bloody sad that tears started welling up in my eyes while I was on the train. Here’s a listen, if you’re interested. Though, I should probably warn you that it’s merely instrumental.

Anyway, I stopped off a couple of places. It actually took me quite some time to get to the actual Tiong Bahru section that I wanted to go from the station because I went by a different and less direct road. So… I kinda went one big round. I started off from Books Actually and went around from there. Books Actually was very interesting. What intrigued me from the shop wasn’t really the books, but instead the ‘Gift Ideas’ section where almost everything there were just pretty vintage.



After that, I went into this shop called Strangelets. It also have a variety of items sold. I have to say, I was quite interested in some of the accessories sold there. And frankly, I enjoyed my time at Strangelets much more than Books Actually, but that’s really just me. I actually even got something here too. It was just too pretty and too irresistible to me. 😛



And then I went on to a couple of other more places such as Nana & Bird, as well as Woods in the Books. Woods in the Books has mainly children’s books. I only picked up two to read, because, well, why not. And I only really enjoy this particular one of which I sneaked a photo shot of it.


After that I stopped by this wonderful bakery along the same street and got a cupcake as well as a cup of drink to accompany me on my way towards an actual cafe. There were actually very limited seats, and the seats were not air-conditioned as well. Though, there were fans, so it wasn’t that bad. I can’t really remember what flavour the cupcake I bought was, but I’m pretty sure there was cinnamon in it. And it was really good actually. It was very, very soft and the cream tasted wonderful.



I walked for quite a long bit from here. Because the next destination of mine was quite some way away. That being said, I didn’t actually take any photos here. But I did stop at this cafe called Drips Bakery & Café, in which I got a cup of iced mocha. I was kinda disappointed at this place, however. I mean, it is a nice cafe and all, but, I just didn’t really feel at ease. Yeah, it definitely is just me. And I suppose, it’s partially also because I stopped off too early at this café because I had actually forgotten that the cafe that I wanted to go actually wasn’t this one.

The one that I wanted to actually stop by and have a cup of coffee at was just down the street. It’s called The Orange Thimble Café. In which I walked by and was completely taken into it. I was extremely tempted to walk in, but considering that I already had my coffee for the day and I’m kinda low on cash, I decided against it. It was really a pity and the only regret I have for the day because I actually really wanted to stop by here when I was checking up on the places to go. It’s just too bad that my mind just decided to stop at the first cafe it sees. Gah. 😦 That being said, I will still definitely, for sure go and try it next time!

After walking past The Orange Thimble Cafe, I walked into this shop that I don’t even remember what the name was. x.x But it was really cool and they really did have some really hippy stuff.


As I continued walking, nearing the end of my cafe hopping experience for the day, I walked by this really posh-looking cafe/bar. And I have to say, it really looked like the food was really good. It’s just too bad that I was alone and pretty broke. So yeah, I will definitely try that next time with friends or something.


The Orange Thimble Café wasn’t the only cafe that I really wanted to walk in for a cup of coffee. The last place where I actually stopped and took a photo is called the Flock cafe. It looked like a really chill place to hang out, y’know? So yes, there really isn’t even any excuse for me not to want to go back and try their coffee some time soon.


And yeah, that’s basically what I did today on my first time café hopping. I’m quite happy with myself, finally getting to do what I’ve been wanting to do for ages. And I have to just mention, what I have just written is just a brief description of the places that I’ve been to. I have also walked past quite a number of cafés/restaurants that I didn’t take any photos of. And yeah, that’s the end of my first café hopping experience. I’m quite satisfied, I suppose. Hahaha. And I’m pretty sure I will go to some other places to café hop as well, though I don’t know when that would actually be. Either way, I hope you enjoy my sharing of this. Heh. I’m done for the day. Time to go and cook dinner for my growling stomach. Hahaha!!

‘Til next time!



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