Facts (Part IV).

Yeaaaah, I’m back for another random fact of myself. I just feel like sharing, alright? But honestly man, do you actually like reading random facts about me? Or like, do you actually like reading how I get through my day? Because stuff like my café hopping on last Tuesday doesn’t happen often, you know? So… If you don’t leave a comment, I really wouldn’t know what you guys like to read. 😦

Basically, what I’m trying to say is: leave a comment below and let me know what you like me to write about!!! 🙂

Alright, so this week’s RSN fact is….. I can’t sleep without a blanket.

I don’t think this fact would strike as a surprise to anybody because I know of a lot of people who can’t sleep without their blanket. But, um, yeah. The other day, I got to randomly ask my parents whether they can sleep without a blanket or not. Aaaaaaand, guess what?

Actually, both my parents can’t sleep without their blanket too!! *cues gasp*

Okay, yeah, I’m just being dumb in trying to make this a big deal. Hahahah, like I’ve already mentioned, I don’t think it’s actually uncommon for people not to be able to sleep without their blankets.

And you know, because I can’t sleep without my blanket, do you know what I do when I am actually going for a nap that’s supposed to be short on my bed? I throw my blanket onto a chair and turn off the air conditioning. As Singaporeans, I’m pretty sure you’d know that most people sleep with the aircon. And, as one myself, I tend to turn on the aircon as soon as I get home from anywhere because it’s usually much, much warmer than usual when I just enter the house. It’s probably because I have to walk quite a distance from the bus stop I alight from to my apartment compound and from there, to my flat. So yeah, usually, by the time I get back home, I’d be drenched in perspiration. Naturally, I’d turn on the aircon. And if I wanted to take a short nap, the only way I could ensure that it is actually a short nap is to throw my blanket on the chair and switch on the fan and the aircon off.

That is honestly the only way though. Because even if I turn off the aircon and leave the blanket on my bed, I would still end up snuggling into the blanket and wouldn’t wake up until hours later when it gets too warm. And imagine if it actually starts raining and it isn’t that warm anymore? Damn, I’d never wake up. Hahahahha.

Another thing about this whole blanket business is that… Even if I’m wearing my sweatpants, without the air conditioning, I would still bloody want to cover myself with the blanket.

Yeah, and I end up suffocating my body in a sauna-like state.

When I wake up, there is honestly no way to cool down but to get into the bathroom and take a cold shower.

I don’t even know what else to write about my blanket anymore. Hmm…

GAH, since I’m being random anyway…. I have two blankets in rotation. The one that I’m currently using, oh gosh, this one is really really old. It’s actually a blanket made by my grandmother. It’s from eons back, actually. And it’s actually already falling apart. It’s the sort of, um, multiple colored ones? I don’t even know what it’s called. I don’t think you understand what in the world I’m talking about either. But um, yeah, my blanket is falling apart. But guess which blanket is still the one that is the most used? Hahaha.

My other blanket… It’s pink and it has this huge sunflower (I think) on it. It’s of a completely different material from the one that my grandmother made, and… um… I really only use it when I have the other one in the washer. But the story about this pink blanket is absolutely dumb (on my part).

There is this few months during the year where there are just tonnes of flying insects that would invade my home in the night. A few years ago, when I first got this pink blanket, for some strange reason, I thought that these insects were especially attracted to this blanket because of the flower on it. And so because of that, I refused to use this blanket. Hahahhaa, yes, I know, I sound soooooo dumb. But it was true alright. My parents laughed when I told them my theory when my mom asked why I never do use that blanket. Not that it’s not funny though because it really is. x.x

Anyway, eventually I kinda solved the problem by not opening the windows at all. So… um, yeah… My room’s windows are actually always closed just so that insects can’t come in.

I know I’m weird. But 🙂


There we have it, this week’s random fact. Y’know what? If you’re leaving a comment about what you want me to write about, why don’t you tell me as well – can you sleep without your blanket on?

Have a great week ahead and stay awesome!



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